10+ Old Objects People Found That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

Before we all got wrapped up in technology, there were much simpler objects that performed all sorts of functions. Looking at them now, most of us would be baffled at their mere existence let alone knowing what they were actually used for.

But if you do find something unusual and want to know what it does there’s a subreddit for that and, I, for one, am grateful for it.

1. Somebody found this odd-looking bell-like thing in an abandoned house. It’s made out of brass.

Reddit | Queer-deer

Apparently they use these brass bells in India in spiritual ceremonies. Hmm, that’s so interesting. Don’t you think? I find stuff like this really fascinating.

2. What do you think this could be? This was a gift someone received but they weren’t entirely sure what it was used for.

Reddit | ba2ara

As they found out it’s a weaving loom to weave yarn or a tapestry. That’s so cool, isn’t it?

3. Somebody found this leather object on a trail in the woods.

Reddit | d3rFunk

They were interested to find out what it was before handing it over to the lost and found. As it turns out, it’s a case for a Fuji camera.

4. What is this long, metal object?

Reddit | Kruzkar

If you guessed it’s a letter opener, you would be right. This one comes branded by the casino with something that looks like a guitar pick. I really do love these types of letter openers.

5. Whoever found this metal thing was really baffled about its purpose.

Reddit | herrudo

It has a wheel that changes the size of the gap in the middle, and when you squeeze it closed a pin comes forward. It’s actually a saw set tool. Huh, pretty nifty if you ask me.

6. I gotta be honest, if I found this weird object I wouldn’t have any idea what it was, ha, ha! Would you?

Reddit | strive_for_adequacy

This is an abacus in base eight. The first group represents numbers one-seven. The next group represents eight. Repeat flipping the first group for numbers nine-15.

7. What in the heck is that? It’s made out of silicone and has a temperature limit on the side of 260 degrees.

Reddit | reekastudios

The smart folks at Reddit identified it as a trivet for protecting the surface from hot cooking pans. Wow, nice.

8. The red part of this object is plastic with a metal circle on a track that slides back and forth.

Reddit | chingostarr

The metal part attached by the chain isn’t very heavy and has a bottle opener. No, it isn’t a pair of handcuffs. It’s actually a portable safety lock.

9. Is this some kind of dish used to make a pie?

Reddit | everytoolisaweapon

It was actually found in a house built in 1910 in rural Utah. It turns out that it’s not a pie dish after all. It’s a nut dish used for cracking open nuts. It usually comes with a matching hammer.

10. What is this long object with holes?

Reddit | CatBear05

A flute made of some kind made of metal, probably iron? Any idea how old it might be? If you guessed it’s a tin whistle, pennywhistle, or a flageolet, you would be quite right.

11. The person who found this thought it was some kind of billiards accessory to hold poles.

Reddit | ayoelaine

But they couldn’t be further from what this really is. This is just a bath tray and you can put your book (or now, laptop) on it, ha, ha!

12. What would you think of this glass thing if you found it?

Reddit | JB_v1

When you hold the chamber containing the liquid, the liquid travels up to the other chamber. It’s actually a hand boiler and must’ve been part of an old science kit.

13. This person’s friend got this weird-looking thing in a pawn shop of all places.

Reddit | —-b

The middle is a rough yarn, similar to the kind on cat scratchers, and it spins like a rolling pin. Well, it’s actually called a rolling pin footrest, ha, ha!

14. Oh my goodness, what treasures we discovered here.


It seems that some objects look so weird but are actually used for simple purposes. Or, on the other hand, something that looks basic can do so much. Isn’t that so interesting?

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