11+ Weird Lamps From Thrift Stores People Simply Couldn’t Pass Up

Hey! You’re about to see some weird lamps. They’ll be cool, but they’re going to be weird. It’s thrifting! It’s not fun if it isn’t also kinda bizarre.

From absolutely stunning vintage lamps to lamps literally shaped like birds, these thrifters found totally unique pieces that will have you itching to hit up your local thrift store ASAP.

1. Meet the bird lamp.

Reddit | inthelapofthegods_

See? I told you there’d be a bird lamp!

“Found these funky pelican lamps at a thrift in central Florida. $12 for both! I ended up rewiring them and replacing the shades!” Redditor inthelapofthegods_ wrote.

Honestly, it’s really stylish!

2. I am super terrified of these lamps.

Reddit | Doodah411

One time, when I was young, I turned on the movie Leprechauns because I thought it was a kid’s movie about Leprechauns.

It was not. And these lamps remind me of that horrifying moment in my life.

3. Take me to your leader.

Reddit | u/carolined789

I mean, right? Doesn’t that lamp totally look like a retro spaceship from ’60s sci-fi movies and tv shows? I’d beam that lamp into my living room in a heartbeat.

4. I think I like novelty lamps, guys.

Facebook | Joan Rogers

Because this powder blue phone light is absolutely IT for me. It’s so cute, it’s so weird, and it totally gave a new purpose to an otherwise defunct technology. I’m so for this.

5. This lamp is genuinely cool.

Reddit | filmbuffy42

“BF found 2 of these lamps $6 each. Gave me one – since we both are film Crew SO perfect!” filmbuffy42 wrote on Reddit.

This is such a cool lamp!

6. This one was a rare find.

Reddit | auntie_

It’s a Haegar panther TV lamp! Someone in the comments explained what a TV lamp is:

“It projects ambient light onto the wall.

For some reason, people thought looking too much at the direct light from the TV would damage your eyes, and that increasing the light around it would protect them.”

So, we just replaced these with LED strip lights behind our TVs, huh?

7. This lamp is shaped like flowers!

Reddit | regulargal32

Honestly, this lamp is so old that the style is new again. I could see this fitting in perfectly in a boho-glam type room, right next to a wicker chair. You know I’m right. And it was only $20!

8. That sure is a lot of what it is.

Facebook | JJ Burnworth

I… I don’t know what to say. That sure is a lamp, isn’t it? It’s a lamp. Can’t be mistaken for anything else. It’s a whopping six-feet-tall and cost the buyer $75.

9. This lamp looks like something you’d find at West Elm.

Reddit | follysurfer

And by that I mean that West Elm has a near identical one available on their site for $250. This one was $15. Excuse me while I go cry at how good a deal that is.

10. All systems go.

Reddit | Ajmccloud0509

Apparently, it’s a hanging lamp. This would be so cute in a kid’s room! Those bulbs on the front and back really show an amazing attention to detail on the maker’s part.

11. Another TV lamp!

Reddit | MeghanFTW

I’m kind of thinking we should bring these back, because they’re so cool! The ambient light they produce is super calming and cozy. I’m all about TV lamps now.

12. I bet the Keebler Elves live in this lamp.

Reddit | Sanchoistheguat

“Circa 1970s – Missing some ordimentation – found several others of the same mold but painted differently online. Got it for about $8. I’m in love with the colors and whimsy of the thing,” said the Reddit user who scored this.

13. I kinda want a cactus lamp.

Reddit | u/rootingforme

This whole article is just me discovering that I like weird lamps, I guess. Here’s the details on this cactus:

“Bought this sad cactus lamp at my local thrift shop for $2. After some paint, a little glue and ceramic christmas tree bulbs it’s looking sharp for the New Year!”

14. R2-who?

Reddit | bohusblahut

“R2-D2’s husky brother got a deal with the United Colors of Benetton. Or it’s a late ’70s ceramic knockoff that you paint and glaze yourself.

Shove marbles in the holes, chuck in a lightbulb and you have an accent lamp that inspires more questions than it answers.” bohusblahut wrote on Reddit.

15. This is the best find ever.

Facebook | Hannah Marie

“My greatest thrift find ever. When I bought it I only thought the dots would glow. I was shocked when I turned it on!! Best $10 I ever spent,” wrote the proud owner of this thrifted lamp. That is truly an incredible find.

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