12+ People Who Are Not Allowed Near A Microwave Again

If the microwave is your best friend, I feel for you, ha, ha! I’m actually trying to stay away from using it too much. I prefer properly cooked food.

But if you rely on the microwave a lot, then you’d better heed this warning: Not everything should be microwaved, okay? Take a lesson from these folks who learned that the hard way.

1. This Unfortunate Accident

Reddit | Fireatwijj77

Who said eating healthy can’t be dangerous? This person quickly learned that quinoa packages have a hard time limit when it comes to microwaving them. Whoa, that’s quite a mess. Good luck cleaning that up.

2. This Poor Kiddo

Reddit | themagicpotato

This is the face of a kid who just realized he forgot to add water to his cup of noodles. And I guess it must’ve been his last package, too. Oh, I feel so bad for him.

3. These Microwave-Safe Dishes

Reddit | ParanormalFeline

Be careful where you buy your microwave-safe dishes because, clearly, they’re not all made equal. This person thought they were okay, but they definitely weren’t. Perhaps the dollar store isn’t the best place to get them.

4. This Soup Mishap

Reddit | browndoctormoustache

This might be a wild guess but did this person leave the lid on this soup container? If that’s the case, it may be the reason why it ended up looking like this. I don’t think that’s how you do it.

5. This Shirt Incident

Reddit | NotKay

So this guy actually thought it would be okay to put his t-shirt in the microwave to dry it faster. Now he’s shaking his head in disbelief looking at this disaster. You should’ve asked the wife first.

6. This Popcorn Oopsie

Reddit | Arheisel

There’s a reason why you can’t just microwave some popcorn in a plastic Tupperware. This person thought they could do so and found out the hard way that it’s a no-go. That’s why they have them in special bags!

7. This Disaster

Reddit | missouriprincess

It may not always be what you put in the microwave but how you actually handle it. This person was trying to move the soup out of it when the toast popped up and scared the bejesus out of them, causing them to drop the soup. Ouch!

8. This Diabolical Accident

Reddit | dontdoxmebro2

Kids, don’t try this at home, lol. This person found out that putting an egg into the microwave turns it into dynamite. OMG, that’s crazy. I never would have thought of putting an egg in the microwave.

9. This Money Incident

Reddit | Megaseth

You might’ve heard of people microwaving money to disinfect it. I’ve never tried it myself and, after seeing this $5000, I’m definitely not going to try it either. Why didn’t they just try with $100 instead to test it? This is unbelievable.

10. This Force Of Nature


I honestly have no idea how this can even happen, ha, ha! This is a first for me. How do you explain this happening to the cup? I’m really trying to wrap my head around it.

11. This Mac And Cheese


Who else here is a fan of mac and cheese? I never actually ate it as a kid but I have come to enjoy it later on in life. This is what happens when you forget to add water and put it in the microwave. Yikes!

12. This Forgotten Surprise


Have you ever left something in the microwave and completely forgotten about it? I know, it happens to the best of us. This person did so and then found this growing in his microwave. Apparently, this was once a pizza, lol.

13. This Cell Phone Mishap

Reddit | Jayus_YT

Parents, listen up: Never leave your three-year-old unattended near your microwave. Unless something like this happening to your phone is totally okay with you. OMG, I would be so furious if this happened to my phone.

14. This Broken Plate

Reddit | jakol016

Can you believe how this plate broke in the microwave? I would’ve thought it would make a giant mess but it actually didn’t. How lucky for this person. Not so much for the plate though, ha, ha!

15. This Plastic Mess


It turns out that not all plastic is created equal. This one, for example, definitely wasn’t meant to be used in the microwave. Good luck scraping all of this off. It’s going to be quite a nightmare.

16. This Syrup Disaster

Reddit | WestTinLA

So this person’s daughter took it upon herself to microwave some syrup for her pancakes. Needless to say, it definitely didn’t go as planned and this is what the mom found afterward. Oh wow, that’s not pretty.

17. This Fiery Incident

Reddit | InstinctOcean

If this is how you use the microwave you’ve officially been banned, lol. I dunno how that can even happen since you can set a timer but oh well. Somebody is definitely losing their microwave privileges now.

18. This Chocolate Mess

Reddit | VoltLight08

If you’re doing some baking and don’t have a double boiler to melt some chocolate, you may consider using a microwave. Just make sure you watch it like a hawk because this is not what the recipe called for.

19. This Burnt Bagel

Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

Don’t underestimate the power of your microwave. From the looks of this, it didn’t turn out the best for this person. They actually microwaved a bagel for 10 minutes and this is the result. Yuck, ha, ha!

20. This Squash Incident

Reddit | LabGirlworld

We recently discovered how delicious squash can be when you bake it. We did not, however, try to bake it in the microwave. This person did and it actually blew the door of the microwave open.

21. These Fries

Reddit | hazasauras

I always used to grab my fries at McDonald’s, bring them home, and heat them in the microwave. This person wanted to do the same with only one difference. They put them on for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Yikes!

22. This Work Accident

Reddit | StereoShayn

Ah, ghost peppers are delicious if you can handle the heat. Just remember not to put them in the microwave if you don’t want to kill your fellow employees. Based on this sign, this person had a rather nasty surprise for his coworkers.

So, have you ever had a bad microwave accident before?


I have to say I’ve never made a mess like this, haha. Nor have I tried to disinfect money and lost $5000. Whoa, that’s one expensive experiment if I say so myself.

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