12+ People Who Saw An Opportunity For Hilarity And Went For It

Life is all about the opportunities. You have to recognize them when they come up, know how to best take advantage, and then take a leap. It’s not easy!

The good news is that we have some great examples for you. You’ve got to have fun in life, and these folks sure grabbed the opportunities for fun as they came up!

1. If you’re going to go to the trouble to make your Canadian friend a cake, you might as well do it your way.

Reddit | hart1487

Treachery! Trojan cake!

At the same time, it’s only polite to applaud here. Baking an American flag into a cake takes some skill!

2. Working up a phony Forbes cover with your face on it is clearly the best way to celebrate flying first class for the first time in your life.

Reddit | toxicbob12

Honestly hope he autographed it and left it behind for the flight attendants.

3. More fun with Photoshop: adding yourself into the group photo you missed out on.

Reddit | milkyboi1

And, I mean, there’s no rule saying you where you have to go in the pic.

4. Just a nice, peachy day at the beach.

Reddit | Broths

I’d like to imagine that they didn’t bring the fruit to the beach specifically for this photo shoot, but even if they did, they still deserve a slow clap.

5. World Cup fans are the best.

Reddit | sidx64

When these Mexico fans traveled to Russia to cheer on their team, they brought along a cardboard cutout of their friend whose wife wouldn’t let him go.

6. I think this noodle shop might be run by a dad.

Reddit | LHOW27

Admit it, you’ve never seen a more perfect wifi password for a noodle restaurant, and it still made you groan.

7. When this town’s trains were out of action, buses served as replacements.

Reddit | dominijames

So glad somebody decided to have some fun with it. The “choo choo” really makes it.

8. This guy waited years for revenge on the person who hijacked his email account.

Reddit | F3nman

When that person signed up for SiriusXM using the hijacked account, suddenly the guy had access to some wonderful revenge tools, like the ability to honk the horn remotely.

9. When you crack your windshield, it can be a nuisance or it can be a backdrop for an epic scene.

Reddit | SmellyShmitzel

Those are your choices. We would also accept Street Fighter in addition to Dragon Ball Z.

10. When this person’s landlord turned down the heat in the middle of winter, they forgot who pays for electricity.

Reddit | JohannReddit

Hint: it’s not the tenant.

11. I’m not saying this car is a gas guzzler.

Reddit | 610NH

Somebody else is saying that with some pretty clever decals. Cat owners get it.

12. Speaking of which, here’s a hot tip for cat owners who want to keep their furry ones out of a certain space.

Reddit | SuperPixel

The secret is dinosaurs, apparently, and they don’t even have to be real.

13. It’s hard to blame someone for wanting to make their commute less bleak.

Reddit | vincentvandog

And is there any time more bleak than waiting at the bus stop? Man, I wish my bus stop even had a bench, let alone some throw cushions and a reading lamp.

14. When one guy wasn’t going to his grad because his parents couldn’t make it, his friends stepped up to play the roles.

Reddit | Zoomer1997

Next best thing, right? Definitely got a keeper of a photo out of it!

15. This bar has a good sense of humor about the confusion.

Reddit | Jennyojello

Apparently, there are enough people that think any word with “sex” in it has to be naughty. For the record, a sextant is a navigational device.

16. How long did the issue persist before this delightfully passive aggressive sign was put up?

Reddit | ChopsMagee

I also need to know if the culprit ever responded or if they just quietly stopped leaving the gate open.

17. This dog seems to feel no guilt for the mess they’ve made.

Reddit | We_are_number_juan

If my dog did this, I’d not only share it on social media, but I’d also take him to the dog park where all the other doggos can make fun of him for looking so silly.

18. People often debate how important to make graduation, at least for things like middle or high school.

Reddit | PrestigiousMaybe

This person decided to play it both ways, by pointing out that many people graduate, but not all of them will get $40 from Betsy.

19. “Sorry for the Avengers spoiler,” Anorak6201 captioned this pic.

Reddit | Anorak6201

I’ll admit, I laughed harder at this than anything else on this list. I’m not proud of it, but after dodging spoilers all weekend, this bad pun was exactly what I needed.

20. I want the backstory for this sign so badly.

Reddit | tpatt83

My favorite part is that the list of items to bring are often considered pretty dorky on their own. I wonder if anyone showed up.

21. This bar used some modern art as a hilarious litmus test for whether it’s safe for you to drive home.

Reddit | iRahulGaur

Of course, it’s not really a good test for how drunk you are, but it’s a funny way to remind people to drink responsibly.

22. The cat won this time.

Reddit | NTCans

The cat was crying out for what he thought was help getting down from the door, but really the feline just wanted a moving perch to ferry it around.

23. Sometimes, roommates can be hilarious.

Reddit | DavidLikesMemes

Mine never left me silly surprises like this. Mine just never changed the roll or bothered to buy more or tell me when we needed to.

24. Flooding is generally regarded as a calamity, and with good reason, but these Swedes also saw the opportunity in it.

Reddit | PpelTaren

I mean, how often do you get a chance to float through a train station?

25. How long did they let it slide before deciding it was bad enough to publicly shame Abby for being a flake?

Reddit | Maximd1122

Maybe she just stopped answering her phone and this was the only way to inform her that they weren’t going to put up with it anymore.

26. If you happen to be let go from your job, you can wallow, you can update your resume, or you can party.

Reddit | NRS1

This guy clearly chose option 3, and he did it right.

27. A cut like that mustn’t have been fun to get.

Reddit | Ijustwannalookatpics

But once the bleeding has stopped and it’s healing well, why not have a bit of fun with it? It looks mildly happy to see you!

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