12+ People Who Took Us For Dummies

Sometimes it can feel like the authorities of the world are speaking down to you, or trying to pull the wool over your eyes! However, we’re not so easily fooled are we? Well, most of us aren’t…

From companies trying to sell the wrong animals to the unsuspecting public, to pesky cows trying to fool us with their clearly false hairpieces, here are 12+ people who took us for dummies!

1. “Walmart never fails to fail.”

Reddit | wickedlovley328

Pfft, come on Walmart, that’s not a hippo, it is quite clearly a monochromatic unicorn!

2. “Well you could have fooled me!”

Reddit | eddie_8711

I can’t wait for the follow-up video which is just one belligerent old man fighting through the bushes screaming, “This is a free country!”

3. “You’re not fooling anyone, fancy restaurant menu!”

Reddit | BatzCountry

If there is one area that I have expertise in, it is in the construction and consumption of cookies! So you’re not getting anything passed me.

4. Notice From Management

Reddit | palmerry

I mean, I would hope that they put this up just as a ridiculously unnecessary precautionary measure on the off-chance that someone was stupid enough to do this. However, something tells me that someone already tried this.

5. “Remembering ‘that’ Ikea April Fool.”

Redit | foxystoat69

Due to the immense amount of times that Ikea sends out stuff with missing or generally wrong parts, I don’t think that they should be allowed to be this tongue and cheek about anything relating to missing or wrong pieces.

6. Acronyms Are Hard!

Reddit | jwildes12

And these were put up by teachers! These school officials will be teaching an entire generation of kids to misuse acronym, hooray!

7. “My April fools prank on my 11 year old son. The bait and switch…”

Reddit | Boogsiefil

No one should joke about something like this. Raisin Cinnamon is the flavor of the devil, and a prank like this should be punishable with a prison sentence.

8. “Don’t let her fool you.”

Reddit | jjrs

I’m not falling for that one again cat! I spent a damn fortune on tuna the last time I fell for this ruse!

9. “A friend sent me this. ‘In some way I feel cheated. But at the same time they don’t lie’.”

Reddit | frystejp

Not only have they sharked this person on the amount of pepperoni, but that is a frankly embarrassing amount of cheese they are using! This company should be ashamed of themselves!

10. “Students got caught copying each others work.”

Reddit | Loganapple09

I mean, it says that they were copying off one another, yet one of them still managed to get 5, while the rest got 6. Come on man, how do you copy someone else and still get fewer marks?

11. “How dumb do my parents think I️ am.”

Reddit | Nwinter228

Now, I’m not trying to assume anything about this person, but this would suggest that the person who posted this has eaten a bagel with the plastic still on in the past.

12. “No dumb here!”

Reddit | Mirasdad

I actually can think of a fair few places that I would like to hang some of these signs, and I’m sure that you can too.

13. “The envious will say that he used Photoshop.”

Reddit | lostproton

People don’t choose the thug life, it chooses them. I mean, you look at someone like this, know that they’re hard as nails don’t you?

14. “My wife took the toddler and left me with the baby yesterday morning. She’s a worrywart and I love photoshop.”

Reddit | FeedBack20

As funny as it may be to photoshop axes into your kid’s hands in photos, the person who posted this apparently learned their lesson; as they wrote, “Lesson learned; don’t reply with just a photoshopped picture when she asks how things are going with the baby.”

15. “Your marketing tricks can’t fool me….”

Reddit | MrDiou

Did they even both to find out what size “most” store’s bags are? Or did they just bank on one really checking or caring?

16. “Who do you think you’re fooling Pizza Hut?”

Reddit | captain_red_beard

Ah yes, that well known classy Italian Bistro… Pizza Hut. Where the pizza is bang average, and the furniture has a glaze of child snot.

17. “That ridiculous toupée isn’t fooling anyone, cow.”

Reddit | Kalansummer

Errr, it’s a little thing called fashion, look it up sometime! This is what they call the 45th President look.

18. “I think my apartment complex may have a dog-napper… Possibly a very dumb one.”

Reddit | grdvrs

A strange marketing technique from these terrible dog-nappers where they are haring depending upon how friendly the dogs are.

19. “Seattle realtors love photoshop.”

Reddit | badwolf42

“Yes, as well as having two bedrooms, this house also plays host to its own individual climate, separate from that of the surrounding area!”

20. “Don’t be fooled like I was…”

Reddit | bcrock10

“Mmmm, those snacks you have out there are really chewy, like a sponge.”

“Sir, there are no snacks outside…”

“Oh. Please, excuse me, I have to go to the hospital.”

21. “The bathroom door says ‘men’ from the outside but from the inside says ‘women’ spelled backwards so you think you were in the wrong bathroom.”

Reddit | prichardson154

I mean, it’s a fairly good idea for a prank, but wouldn’t the urinals give the game away a little?

22. “I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff in my first few minutes awake but this is a new one.”

Reddit | duncanmack27

Just the thought of someone dragging that over there teeth is making my body tense up. It’s worse than someone dragging nails over a chalkboard.

23. “I think my husband’s going to realize I borrowed one of his extension cords.”

Reddit | wakethesleepingpills

I would go absolutely bananas if someone did this to some of my guitar wires. And apparently this person’s husband did realize, as they wrote an update saying, “Update: he came home and fixed it immediately”.

24. “Daredevil Halloween Candy Heist- caught red-handed.”

Reddit | PeacefulWay

I mean, I know that she shouldn’t be trying to sneak candy and all that, but that is some damn impressive work!

25. “China Restaurant fail.”

Reddit | iluvtheinternets

Mmmm, yes, I love going to a Translate Server Error takeaway, there’s just something about the spices they use that never cease to amaze me.

26. “My niece thought she was fooling her teacher on her reading log…”

Reddit | GinjaSnap89

That teacher is going to look like a right fool when “Sara” comes in and shows them their driving license and this is their actual signature.

27. “Horses sleep too!”

Reddit | Zin-Fed

Just because an animal is lying down, doesn’t mean it is dead! How many people do you reckon stopped and told this horse’s owner that their horse was dead before they put this sign up?

28. Seems Legit


Yes, Lamborghinis are so well known for their grubby, cheap plastic interiors and hideous door pannels.

29. “My wife wanted jewellery for Christmas….don’t think she’ll be too happy.”

Reddit | surfkaboom

Fortunately for anyone who receives a gift like this, the mug will double up as quite an effective knuckle duster in a pinch.

30. “My wife thinks I’m stupid too.”

Reddit | bmwhd

Without this helpful cheat sheet, God knows what he would turn up to work wearing!

31. “My Husband wanted a sweet treat. I made orange rolls. To keep it interesting, one of these has nacho cheese on it.”

Reddit | asparagustus_gloop

I mean, I can think of worse things than eating pastry covered in nacho cheese… in fact, the more I say it the better it sounds.

32. Photoshopping Perfection

Reddit | DanteMarlvin

It’s a shame that everyone doesn’t actually have a jawline like that, then we would all have a portable set-square with us at all times.

33. “He ‘travels’ the world and he has his own personal fence following him around the world.”

Reddit | Purple_Lamas

You know what, I’m starting to think that nothing on Instagram is real! And to think, I spent all of those years believing the insipid crap that influencers tout!

34. “Ever wondered why the clothes you ordered don’t fit you like they do the models?”

Reddit | scoff9

Clips are sold separately. Make sure that you always have a handful ready to apply for whenever you’re having your photo taken!

35. “War On Error!”

Reddit | v12a12

Every single missed letter, or wrong use of their, there, or they’re, is a victory for the errorists.

36. Getting Them Gains

Reddit | mr_kord

It’s good to see that they’re also wearing the classic gym outfit of jeans and a polo shirt!

37. “What do you mean they’re all wrong?!”

Reddit | Rapturos

I was sure that the answer would have been Frulse as well! What a bummer!

38. Seriously, Coca Cola!?

Reddit | Bosharaptor

“We need a new thing to market, any suggestions?”

“Let’s sell the cans in 15 packs?”

“Okay, whats the angel? How do we market that?”

“…It’s 3 more than a 12 pack?”

“…Perfect, do it.”

39. Technically Correct, The Best Kind Of Correct!

Reddit | thevoyager10

This is, quite frankly, a poorly worded question! Also, how bloody long is that nail at the bottom?! What are you nailing in with that?

40. “I thought I could trick my dog into eating food she didn’t like by mixing it in with food she does like. I was wrong.”

Reddit | TheGuestDJ

“Did you really think that this was going to work Steve?”

“I just thought you might⏤”

“I expect double treats for this betrayal, Steve.”

41. “When it’s ‘raining’ but not enough to make your hair wet.”

Reddit | ashlitty

It’s a little known fact that twins’ hair is actually unaffected by water. It’s an anomaly that has baffled scientists for years.

42. “My 3-yr old kid noticed something odd… can you spot the error?”

Reddit | Kencussion

You’re damn right I can see what’s wrong! That “diamond” looks suspiciously like a sideways rhombus!

43. “Well that’s how you trick your family.”

Reddit | kitdogx

Anyone can be an influencer in this day and age! All you need is a toilet seat and a nice background!

44. “We Have Been Doing It Wrong For Years”

Reddit | xRoyalBlood

Sure, this idea may get you a fair bit extra, but you’re at a much higher risk of spillage! These are just the choices we have to make.

45. Truthful… But Hurtful!

Reddit | slavethewhales

Now, I’m not going to do it because you’re telling me, I’m going to do it because it’s my choice!

Update: Do not do this, it hurts like hell. The sign is right.

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