12+ Unusually Helpful Designs That Make Life A Little Better

Everyone is always looking for ways to make life a little easier. With so much to do and so few hours in the day, even the simplest tasks could use some ingenuity to make them more simple.

The people on this list think so far outside of the box that they’ve come up with solutions to simplify the activities we do every day.

1. This credit card “dip jar.”

Reddit l McBloggenstein

Many people pay for food and items with their credit cards and don’t carry cash which can make donating to charities or tipping difficult. This “dip jar” makes it all possible!

2. Who wants to walk on grass in heels?

Walking on the grass in high heels is incredibly hard. For those who want pictures for their wedding, prom, or any other special occasion, these heel pegs make it much easier.

3. This elevator button makes sure the elevator is there when you get to the door.

Reddit l lukeallen1

Having this button located on the other side of the hallway saves you time waiting for the elevator to arrive. Instead, by the time you get there, the elevator will be there waiting for you.

4. This calculator will make sure you don’t splurge on your shopping trip.

Reddit l Afrocean

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you’re spending until you get to the register and you see the numbers. This calculator makes it possible to ensure you don’t break your budget or break the bank.

5. These fitting room hangers to make it easier to remember what you like and dislike.

Reddit l Pumpkinspice90

Fitting rooms are small and cramped most of the time. When you’re trying things on, it’s easy to lose track of what you want and what you don’t. These labels make it much easier to remember.

6. These salad containers with built-in dressing storage.

Reddit l VoodooMamaJuuju

Trying to take a salad to work can be a pain, especially when it comes to the dressing. This container makes it possible to carry everything all together without leaks and spillage.

7. This button lets your server know if they need to come to clean or if you’re looking to pay.


Make your waitstaff’s jobs easier by letting them know exactly what you want and need. This makes sure everyone gets the right kind of service in a timely fashion.

8. These tea mugs that have a space to hang on to your tea bags.

Reddit l japaneseholler

Having the string on your tea bag fall into your tea is a huge pain. This can keep the little sucker in place and out of your hot, steaming tea cup.

9. This socket and extension cord all in one.

Reddit | Sumit316

Save time, money, and space by having these electrical sockets with extension cords already built in. That way you don’t have to buy an extra one or have it lying around. Plus, it will retract into the wall for easy storage when you’re done.

10. This charging station that runs on solar power to charge devices when you’re out and about.

Reddit l gatheryourmagic

No wires, no plugs, and no problems! The sunlight charges the solar panels, which then charge up the station so everyone can charge their devices easily when they’re on the go.

11. This device to help kids use the sink with no messes.


Kids can’t always reach the faucet to get their hands clean so this slide helps the water get down to them. Now they can get those hands clean 100%. This is a must-have for any parent or teacher.

12. This scooter stroller that helps you get around in no time.


Forget walking with your baby to the store. Instead, you can just scooter there. Don’t let your kids slow you down. Doesn’t this look more fun than a regular stroller?

13. This wrapping paper that can be used for anything.

Oddity Mall

You can circle the event or holiday that you’re using the wrapping paper for, saving you from buying a new roll for each special occasion. Plus, it does look really cool.

14. This spray top that makes salad dressing easier with citrus fruit.


If you’re into citrus salad dressing and using natural products, you can use this top to make lemon or lime dressings easily. Just pop it in the fruit and you’ll have freshly spritzed citrus juice in no time.

15. Pizza scissors!


Do away with pizza slicers that are so hard to use (admit it, they always come out uneven). Instead, these pizza scissors allow you to cut it any way you choose. Why didn’t I think of this before?

16. This reusable candle.

Reddit | Scumhum

Some people hate buying candles because when you use them, they just run out. And then you’re out of a candle…and money. But this candle is reusable. The stand collects the melted wax and uses that to make a whole new candle. Keep on lighting it and save yourself some money.

17. Slippers with LED lights.

Opulent Items

If you’re someone who loves late-night snacking, these slippers are perfect for you. You don’t need a flashlight or your phone, just use these little night lights and go get some cookies.

18. A phone holder for this USB port.


Charging your phone when there’s no table nearby can make it hard to find somewhere to place your phone out of harm’s way. This holder allows you to keep it perfectly safe and off the floor.

19. A mobile humidifier that works with a water bottle.


You can use any water bottle with this humidifier. This gadget is especially helpful when you have a cold or just if the air is really dry. A great buy for when you’re traveling or even when you’re at work in the office!

20. This bench for everyone of all ages and sizes.

Reddit l FatTortoise

Picnic tables don’t always fit everyone. Little kids need little tables, and adults need bigger tables. This table, however, has a spot and a space for everyone who wants to eat. That is so clever!

21. This toilet that reuses water.

Facebook l NTDTelevision

Wasting water can have harmful impacts on the environment. This recycles water used to wash your hands and reuse it in the bowl. Super smart and clever.

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