14+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Someone’s Getting Fired’

There are a lot of people out there who don’t exactly take their job very seriously, and sometimes this can lead to hilarious outcomes.

So, from sewer maintenance guys who wish they really worked for Cirque du Soleil to bakers who get very easily distracted from the task at hands, here are 14+ moments that made us go “Someone’s getting fired!”

1. “Sewer entrance…”

Reddit | The_GopnikCZ

“So, we need to to climb down into this sewer.”

“Okay, should be easy enough.”

“Well, you’d think so. Unrelated question, but how is your core and upper body strength?”

2. “After months of frustrating traffic backups due to bridge repair and resurfacing, they said F it and expedited the painting.”

Reddit | Sunflowerburps

“So, Dave, do you really think that you were in a fit state to attempt this job?”

“I’m absholutely fine! I think it looksh smashing! Also, has anyone seen half a kebab I left lying around here?”

3. “3D cinema sure is realistic these days…”

Reddit | Animymous

“Look, I just thought that a few hoses would really add to the experience and…”

“Dave, I thought you’d learned your lesson from the disastrous 3D screening of Alien, and yet here we are. At least no one has died this time.”

4. Make Sure You Corn Teen!

Reddit | Zombietron010

I don’t know what to “corn teen yourself” entails, and quite frankly I don’t think that I want to know.

5. “Local newspaper not quite sure how hyperlinks work…”

Reddit | BV203

Be very careful when handling these papers, if you press the hyperlink with your finger you will be sucked into the internet.

6. What Kind Of Animal Installed These?!

Reddit | Guerfu

It is like they got someone who has no idea what toilets are or how they work to install these.

7. “Pressure washed the sidewalk boss!”

Reddit | commienaut

What is more baffling about this, is that this probably took the person who did it absolutely ages, and yet it is still a catastrophic mess.

8. Many Shades Of Grey…

Reddit | MarryBorger

The new 50 Shades Of Gray film, “50 Shades Of OSHA” is a much more tame and boring film than the ones that came before it!

9. “Sorry, the clock-movers union have time off this week.”

Reddit | elliotcm

“I’ll just move this clock along a bit…”

“Jesus, Steve, are you insane!? Put that clock down right now. The clock- movers union is the most powerful union in the country!”

10. “Well then, bloody fire them already!”

Reddit | Ryno3639

After the clock-movers union, the car thieves union is the next most powerful union. It can be incredibly difficult to fire a car thief!

11. Planted To Perfection!

Reddit | SwarlsBarkley

Someone pointed out, “Can’t be root bound if there’s nothing around the roots!” And, presumably that has something to do with plants, but what I know about plants you could write on a grain of rice twice.

12. “Is everyone ready for the 18,000 year ice age?”

Reddit | nicholasz2510

Being closed for that long is really going to take a toll on that business’s financial situation!

13. What In God’s Name Is This Abomination?

Reddit | SYJIKK

Just how does this even happen? What instructions was the workman who constructed this given for this to be the outcome? How and why does this exist, I need to know!

14. “Put out the Star Trek stuff, boss!”

Reddit | JAMsesh90

I just love how much this would annoy the big Star Wars or Star Trek fans who go into this shop. I bet that this has lead to the meltdown of many a nerd…

15. I Think That They Missed The Point Here…

Reddit | notpreposterous

Maybe Mark is spending his birthday down at the seaside and this is just highlighting that fact?

16. “Make sure you put the correct birth date for the broadcasting legend!”

Reddit | Cla1re23

For someone who was twenty-seven when he died, Larry King really did live a good life! It’s no age to lose someone so dear to us.

17. “Good will?”

Reddit | GodBlessBabyBee

Nothing tells your ex that you have ended on good terms quite like taking all of their stuff to Goodwill!

18. The Worst Painting Job Of All Time…

Reddit | extraSauce88

So, was their technique here to stand as far away from the railing as possible and flick the paint on from a distance?

19. Don’t Disturb The Plant!

Reddit | luka-_

I just don’t know how someone could look at that and genuinely think, “Yup, that’s enough for today!”

20. Isn’t There A Name For Those?

Reddit | vt2az

I guess that the person who put this up isn’t actually wrong, it’s a pretty accurate description of them, you’d just have thought that someone who worked at this shop would know they’re called apples.

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