14+ Times The Things We Lost Hilariously Came Back To Haunt Us

The things that we lose can sometimes have a funny and incredibly circuitous way of finding themselves back to us which defies belief.

And, for a few examples of such bizarre instances, please enjoy these 14+ times the things we lost hilariously cam back to haint us!

1. “Our doorknob was stolen at a party we threw last weekend, today it shows back up with this note.”

Imgur | HarveyDented

Christ, they must have pulled hard to get it off! What did they think that this muffin was made of?!

2. “My grandpa hung his skates on a small tree when he was younger. He forgot he had left them there and found them years later.”

Reddit | Dspot16

Christ on a Peloton! I hope that there haven’t been many kids running around in those woods as that is one hell of a death trap!

3. “For the north bound vehicle travelling around Batchewana around 1:40pm, I found your axes…”

Reddit | remog

I mean, it’s important to secure your loads at the best of times, but this is especially true if your load consists of axes!

4. “My husband once did a photoshoot for a character in a board game. We found the game at Emerald City Comic Con!”

Reddit | carliemoe4

Apparently, they did end up buying a few copies, I mean, how could you not? I think that he should have been offering to sign copies!

5. “My dog passed away two years ago and hid his favorite toy before he went. I found it this morning and it has turned into a beautiful memorial.”

Reddit | amsterdaam

What’s that? No, I’m not crying you are, shut up! I’ve just been rubbing raw onion in my eyes, it’s got nothing to do with this story!

6. “Found this old thing after I thought I lost it years ago… Still fits like a glove.”

Imgur | jmunoz

I know that it doesn’t exactly fit perfectly, but it’s one hell of a cool jumper so there’d be no way I wouldn’t be wearing it out and about!

7. “My buddy lost his iPhone in early February and just found it frozen into our driveway… and it still works!”

Imgur | whosalec

Apparently, they did the old pop it in a bag of rice trick, the 21st-century cure-all. However, I suspect witchcraft may be more to blame here.

8. “So my brother couldn’t find his keys this morning and was late for work. His 2yo son had borrowed them…”

Reddit | feinkevi

I wonder if their kid managed to get it started or not? Those things can be a right bugger to get going first thing in the morning.

9. “Lost my favourite false lashes while exceptionally drunk at a party. Today I found them pressed between the pages of a notebook in my purse.”

Reddit | verytinybears

Clearly, this person’s blackout-drunk version of themself was trying to keep them safe! I think that they should keep them in there and turn the page into a face!

10. “I held irony in my hands tonight. Customer lost these at my office.”

Reddit | SpecVengeance

“Hey, I found your keys. I guess you probably shouldn’t have…”

“Yes, in hindsight it was probably a mistake, you don’t need to point it out.”

11. The Catch Of The Day!

Reddit | -F1ngo

The person who posted this unbelievably wrote, “So my dad, a fisherman at lake ‘Attersee’, Austria, just fished up his old, lost wallet in one of his fishnets, after he had dropped it into the lake 20 YEARS AGO.”

12. “While ripping the carpet out of our Miata we found 18 years of lost change.”

Imgur | adyjump

I cannot look at this image without hearing that uniquely annoying sound of metallic tingling whenever you sit in a car seat with pockets full of change and hear it trickle away into oblivion!

13. “A truck hauling slime eels lost its load at Cape Foulweather, splattering and damaging five vehicles with thousands of squirming, slime-producing fish.”

Reddit | lukiiiiii

“Hi, Boss, yeah I’m going to be a bit late to work.”

“What’s your excuse this time then?”

“Slime… Bloody loads of slime, boss!”

“Course it is.”

14. “This bottle of Elvis Presley ‘Love Me Tender’ Conditioning Shampoo from 1985 I found in my attic.”

Reddit | discdraft

The person who posted this went on to say that it apparently smells of mint schnapps, which sounds pretty good!

15. “My dad finally found his missing Led Zeppelin tickets! 44 years too late…”

Reddit | TheRealCorbonzo

Hurry, if you leave now you might be able to catch the encore, they do write songs that are long as hell!

16. “After 30 years, two brothers return to Chernobyl to find an old friend waiting for them.”

Reddit | mossberg91

There is something strangely haunting about a kids’ small toy car being left abandoned in a disaster zone for thirty years, simply waiting for the return of its owners.

17. “Was cutting down a tree at a golf course and found a golf ball wedged in it.”

Reddit | el_tobleronie

Well, that is a somewhat scathing indictment of the person who hit this ball’s golfing ability. I wonder how long they were searching for it for.

18. “Remember when zip-offs were all the rage? Here’s what happens when you find the bottoms a decade later.”

Reddit | colindean

I wonder if there was anyone who owned a pair of zip-offs who didn’t at least once try and zip their legs together?

19. “Just found a lug nut in my fruit bar…”

Reddit | HaemmerHead

I don’t know what trees they are growing these fruit on, but that is bloody impressive…if a little dangerous.

20. “82-Year-Old Man Just Discovered His Lost Wedding Ring In Carrot From His Own Garden.”

Reddit | ebenonce

I think that this now means that this man is legally wedded to this carrot. I hope their life together is a long and happy one!

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