14+ Times We Found Funny Things In Odd Places

You can find funny things anywhere, be it on something as mundane as a soap dispenser, scrawled onto a banana by an apparent psychopath, or even in an MRI scan of your brain.

There are hilarious things hidden all over this world, exemplified by these 14+ times we found funny things in odd places!

1. “The sign on my [husband’s] graphic design department.”

Reddit | meltee

Looks like they went in really hard with the “depar” part of “department” on the bottom. I guess they get paid to make things for other people, not for themselves.

2. “I’ve been putting these all over the office.”

Reddit | Matticus121

Nothing screams “hygiene” quite like the idea of rubbing bird crap into your hands! Isn’t that supposed to be good luck?

3. “‘Mr. X,’ who has been censored to protect his anonymity.”

Reddit | Komrade97

Oh dear, poor Mr. X! I can’t imagine that the person who did this had their job for much longer!

4. “Saw this amazing ‘Ad’ walking in my neighborhood today.”

Reddit | danigiggles24

That’s great and all, but where is the free money?! Dammit, I fell for their cunning ploy. I guess the free money comes from not being fined for not picking up your dog poop?

5. “My dad used to take some of the best pictures of me as a kid.”

Reddit | Jesse_the_walrus

Wow, I would love to know what was happening in that room for him to be screaming like that. Maybe he’s just trying to sing “Take On Me”?

6. “Just a bird’s nest in a tree.”

Reddit | HeistGeist

Oh sure, when a bird makes a nest in the Dollar Tree sign it’s cute, but when I try to build a treehouse on it then the police have to get involved!

7. Buh Gok!

Reddit | bobekyrant

In fairness, roosters can be absolutely horrific creatures! Those claws are pretty sharp and they’re not afraid to use them!

8. “I tried to be cute and carved ‘I love u’ into my wife’s banana last night and this morning, it looked like a note from a stalker. 0/10 Will not do again.”

Reddit | chadork

Only serial killers and psychopaths write in such jagged capitals! Next time, try writing it in cursive. Then it’ll be perfect!

9. “We had a local elementary school decorate paper bags for Earth day and I found this one we had left over.”

Reddit | starrynitess

They should probably actually be trying to get kids to not waste paper bags for Earth Day, shouldn’t they?

10. “My new sim card got delivered. At least now I know what this is called.”

Reddit | GaijinOverlord

The copy writer they had for this must have just had too much on their plate that day to come up with a convincing name for that little weird pin thing!

11. “Never a dull moment as a cake decorator I swear. The only explanation I got was ‘It’s for my brother.'”

Reddit | savvygee13

Right, all jokes aside, I’m blown away that someone would pay for a cake to be decorated by an actual cake decorator, only for the decorator to be so terrible at drawing circles and writing neatly on a cake!

12. They Must Have A High Blood Sugar Level…

Reddit | WildfireGG

Of all the soft drinks I would want coursing through my veins, Dr. Pepper would be at the bottom of the list. Dr. Pepper tastes like disappointment and sweat.

13. “Anyone found opening unpurchased paint will be required to drink it.”

Reddit | Midnight_Ice

I like the idea of a “you break it, you drink it” policy in places. However, it would be very unpleasant if you broke something in a pottery shop.

14. “Found these keys. Called the number on them. Apparently, dozens of sets of these keys were spread all over town and the guy had been getting calls all day.”

Reddit | Xenomort

That is one hell of a great idea for a prank. One other person added, “I have a buddy that would make fake craigslist ads for free pit bull puppies with my number. Calls for a week straight.”

15. “My dog escaped. Showed up at the front door with unopened nachos.”

Reddit | pitx1

I can just imagine someone having left their nachos on a windowsill to cool only for this dog to come along and swipe them, as though they are living in a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

16. Can You Handle This?

Reddit | iiStriker

I quite like this idea. As far as terrible car mods go, this is one of the best! Also, I love how they are rocking the fluffy dice, that’s classic!

17. “Have you seen a horse sitting on his butt?”

Reddit | thunde-r

I had not seen this before, but now I know that I will never forget this majestic sight. This horse looks completely fed up with being a horse, and I love its energy.

18. “My brain MRI looks like the Grinch.”

Reddit | indiaisthebestalways

Someone else also pointed out that it looks a lot like the bulldog from Tom & Jerry, and now I can’t see anything else!

19. “My niece is in 5th grade and got her first love note. This 5th grader has more game than I’ll ever have.”

Reddit | dreichert87

Move over, Shakespeare, your sonnets have nothing on the raw love this child poured into this letter to his crush.

20. “Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?”

Reddit | Drake181

Someone said this might be a “calming cap” meant to soothe anxiety in dogs, which is hilarious because it causes me nothing but anxiety to look at.

21. “My apple broke the apple cutter and now I have a weapon.”

Reddit | rmbrmeforcenturies

As the apple rots, does it become more dangerous because there’s more blade, or less dangerous because the core is compromised?

22. “Saw this at uni today.”

Reddit | UnRePlayz

I appreciate the faith, but there’s nothing university students want to do less than pretend their parents are still there.

23. “This amoeba I saw through the microscope.”

Reddit | LeekFever

He looks extremely disturbed that you invaded his privacy like this.

24. “I like their thinking.”

Reddit | MBHYAT

I understand that some mechanics (which I’m assuming this is) can overcharge for stuff, but if you already know you can find it cheaper online, then do it!

25. “Saw this kid chilling at Costco today.”

Reddit | awwyeahgetit

I can already tell he’ll grow up to be an engineer. The genius is unparalleled.

26. “Outside [Lowes] and this pretty much was the only reason I bought some.”

Reddit | jwood555

And this girl is going to end up in sales. Kids really are getting smarter every year.

27. “Saw this in my kid’s doctor’s office.”

Reddit | thatbirdwithloudfeet

In your office, you want to make sure to have reminders of what you truly value to motive you in your work. Looks like this doctor has that covered.

28. “This guy’s license plate.”

Reddit | space-cowgirl1

And the hitch cover. And the lights. I’d say this is the real Professor X but I don’t think he’d advertise himself like this.

29. “Just saw these [babies] at my local walmart.”

Reddit | merekisgreat

Did you happen to ask the person wearing them where they’re from? I’ve been needing some new shoes…

30. “Pumpkins get too much love. I carved a Jack-o-Tater.”

Reddit | TatersArePrecious

So distracted were we by the pumpkin standard, we neglected to consider other lantern possibilities. Let there be potato, zucchini, onion lanterns, and more!

31. “He wonders why he’s been getting so much attention in our college house.”

Reddit | jpesich

He looks kind of exhausted. “Please…stop sending me there… There are so many bottles. It never ends…”

32. “Welp, guess it’s salad for dinner tonight!”

Reddit | Geronimojo_12

Finally, a salad bar I could actually see myself using. Can’t feel guilty if it’s the only option!

33. “On my way!”

Reddit | christyvallance

That little guy is making some serious distance with each hop. Hopefully he made it wherever he was going before he…croaked.

*Scattered groans and booing.

34. “Ordered a bike pump, got 93 weird dog bones instead.”

Reddit | simucho

They’re made of rubber, right? Time to fashion your own bike wheel then.

35. “2020 professional attire!”

Reddit | beeranden

This is actually a great look! It says, “I’m serious about closing this deal” but also “Can we make this quick as I’ve got a Netflix series I need to be bingeing on the couch” all at once.

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