15+ Bizarre Sights That Made An Extreme Impression On Us

There’s nothing like a first impression. Considering this is the first time you’ve seen these photos (probably), you don’t really know what to expect.

Rest assured, these pics from all around the world are real — and they’re definitely not ordinary.

1. To infinity and beyond.

Reddit | piet-piet

It looks like the church where Buzz Lightyear might go to worship but this church isn’t Buzz Lightyear-themed. It’s actually space-themed, because it’s located near the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

2. Stack ’em up.

Reddit | Sam-Starxin

I’ve heard of shipping containers being used as tiny houses before but you never seem to see it in the wild. What’s even rarer is something like this: an entire apartment complex made of old metal containers.

3. Surprise balcony.

Reddit | michael_v92

If you don’t have a balcony but work crews put up scaffolding outside your window, what do you have? The answer is simple: a temporary, rickety, dangerous balcony.

4. Do you know why I pulled you over?


This Predator cosplayer takes things to another level with his commitment to the costume. I wonder how much that custom bike set him back.

5. Out of time.

Reddit | Georg2020

I think someone in charge of the signs just messed up here. But I’m not ruling out the possibility that this represents an hourglass that’s just run out.

6. Bad moon rising.

Reddit | Unicornglitteryblood

Photographer Michael Cuffe snapped this pic at Lake Isabella, California. It shows a bright moon rising above hillsides that are engulfed by flames, as everything reflects off the lake below.

7. Extreme hopscotch.

Reddit | Nihilist911

I’m sure this was just drawn as a joke because I doubt even Steve-O would attempt a jump that extreme.

8. Growing together.

Reddit | sundstrom193

It isn’t terribly uncommon to find a bullet wedged in a tree because trees are often used for target practice. But in this case there’s no path of entry, meaning the tree has grown fully around the bullet.

9. The ancient one.

Reddit | taykaybo

Woolly mammoths are prehistoric by definition but they existed fairly recently, walking alongside humans. This tusk, which was discovered in the far north, shows just how massive the beasts were.

10. From Russia with love.

Reddit | VRamoutar

I don’t want to throw shade on anyone’s marriage proposal because every couple is different. And hey, you can’t say this guy didn’t pull out all the stops.

11. The sky is torn.

Reddit | TortillaDePantalones

This is likely just an unusually straight cold front rolling in but it’s a weird, almost unnerving sight to see a vertical line in the sky.

12. Vroom vroom.

Reddit | spart0n654

This pickup truck is using two five-gallon buckets as exhaust tips. Seems a little unnecessary and prone to breakage but I guess the driver can at least easily replace them.

13. Tiny turtle.

Reddit | oneezmonkey

Awhile back, pics of tiny frogs were all the rage on the internet. Now, we’ve moved to tiny turtles. This is clearly a candidate for tiniest turtle of all time.

14. Time for a new car.

Reddit | supreme_laddie

This car has been absolutely pummelled by the birds who fly above it. No carwash is going to be enough to take care of a mess of this magnitude.

15. Half and half.

Reddit | hessel64

If you broke a plate this perfectly, it would almost seem like a sign. Everytime I break a plate, it smashes into a billion pieces, one of which becomes lodged in my foot down the road.

16. Graphite genius.

Reddit | Damjan_m1

How many tries did it take and how many broken off pencil leads, before this person successfully carved the whole alphabet? I’m impressed.

17. Fly away.

Reddit | akvarista11

This cloud formation in Sofia, Bulgaria is on its own level. The night sky gives it a dramatic look, and the moon is perfectly oriented to serve as the ‘eye’ of the massive cloud duck.

18. Wavy.

Reddit | floydical

I don’t know what would cause all the trees in the forest to bend at the same awkward angle. Maybe a flood? In any case, looking at this makes me feel like my vision is distorted.

19. Plane halo.

Reddit | Tarzan___

This person snapped a photo of the shadow of their plane in the clouds below. When your plane is surrounded by a rainbow halo, you just know it’s going to be a good flight.

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