15 Celebrities Caught Cheating On Their Partners Red Handed

3.) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were the number one celebrity couple of the 2000’s, everyone remembers them being together!

However, J-Lo was married to Chris Judd, her backing dancer in 2001 and they split after only a year in 2002.

Many people believed that the reason for the split was because she was cheating on Chris with Ben Affleck! Ben and Jennifer got together in 2002 so it was suspiciously quick after her divorce…


4.) Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Now, this is a cheating scandal that broke my little Twilight fan-girl heart when I was a teen.

Edward and Bella were MEANT to be together, okay?!

Robert and Kristen set tabloids ablaze when they dated for three years.

However, that came to an abrupt halt after Kristen was snapped in a ‘compromising’ position with her MARRIED director, Rupert Sanders. They broke up and Kristen Stewart apologized to Rupert’s wife and to Pattinson.

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