15+ People Who Are Guilty As Charged

People love to try and cover up their mistakes, it is one of the main things that makes us human after all, the inability to own up to our goofs.

And, the people and animals on this list are no exception to this. So, from cake thieves to catastrophic paint mishaps, please enjoy these 14+ people who are guilty as charged!

1. “While looking for a place to hide presents I discovered my wife has not quit smoking.”

Reddit | rubbermeetroad

Jesus, I would be more worried about your lack of smell if you couldn’t tell that your partner was smoking that frequently! It’s not exactly a subtle smell.

2. “They ALMOST completed the ladder to the food before they got caught.”

Reddit | toncinap

If you don’t want your cats to start working together and plotting devious plans, then don’t get five shifty-as-hell-looking cats!

3. “Ah yes, sopt, just what could it mean…?”

Reddit | Boddup

If anything, this will just make people take notice of the sign more and, in turn, stop where they are meant to, I guess? I’m really trying to find the silver lining in this situation.

4. The Anonymous Drummer!

Reddit | Billbobjr123

I love the idea that this kid just rocked up to a random school band and started playing, but was so good that no one batted an eyelid and just let him keep playing.

5. “I finally caught him in the act!”

Reddit | Kangadrew5

The core strength needed in this plan must be incredible, it’s making my body hurt just looking at it. I love food as much as the next person, but these are extreme lengths to go to!

6. “Busted!”

Reddit | chochy

“How did you know it was me you fiends?!”

“Well…the license plate gave it away a bit.”

“Should probably have seen that coming now that I think about it.”

7. “I thought my roommate kept drinking my drinks when I left the room. Then I caught him red handed.”

Reddit | kkedigh

I don’t know why but I just assumed that cats wouldn’t be able to use straws, it’s not like they’re particularly complicated pieces of equipment!

8. That’s Not What You Think It Is…

Reddit | eeshanzaman

“Dave, did you take a bite out of the soap again?”


“Can I smell your breath?”


9. Always Make Sure You Turn The Power Off Before Cutting A Wire…

Reddit | Jamiepippooo

“Sir, are these yours?”

“How do you know that they’re mine?”

“Well, your hair is on end and still smoking.”

10. I Think That They Might Have Been Caught Cheating…

Reddit | redeye3891

Wow, well that is quite the way to make a statement. I guess you have to get your anger out somehow, and this seems to have done the job.

11. “A photo of the gingerbread homewrecker.”

Reddit | Carley536

It is amazing how dogs have the ability to look so incredibly guilty when they have done something wrong. Although, this dog looks more like it is saying, “Go on, build another one, I’ll destroy that one as well!”

12. “My cousin got busted with pot and now has to turn in these worksheets about alcohol and drug use. This was one of his answers.”

Reddit | Sorrypuppy

I think that anything related to the phrase, “I want a large kebab, and make sure it’s got plenty of garlic mayo on it!” could also be applied here.

13. “Just found out this is how my boyfriend irons his clothes.”

Reddit | raacchel

I mean, they are playing fast and loose with the term “irons” here. But, a quite sad part of me can’t help but find this quite endearingly ingenious!

14. “My drunk girlfriend was really upset about losing in connect four.”

Reddit | caz0

If you are playing Connect Four as badly as this girlfriend then there is no doubt that you are indeed drunk as hell. Police officers should use Connect Four in place of a breathalyser.

15. “‘hAppY BiRthDay COlleEN’ — From a professional bakery!”

Reddit | dddddddssss

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Maybe it was bring your kid to work day at the bakery, and they let them ice this one?

16. “The Art / The Artist.”

Reddit | adausto

Nothing like a bite having been taken out of your dessert to make it even more appetising! That tinge of cat really makes the flavors pop.

17. “He caught a lizard. Or, rather, the lizard caught him.”

Reddit | 9999monkeys

This is a cat with a real problem on their hands. They never want to accept help from humans until there is no other option…such as when you have a lizard stuck to your tongue.

18. “There was an attempt to mix some paint…”

Reddit | atomicheart99

So they may have caught her yellow-handed not red-handed but the principal is still the same. That is an amazingly defeated expression that she has as well, and you can’t blame her.

19. “There used to be a bed in there…”

That is the face of someone who really regrets their life choices. That dog looks like it is thinking, “How could this have gone so wrong? It seemed like a good idea at the time!”

20. “I thought it was a ghost stealing my water bottle caps…”

Reddit | Illitilli

But, she looks so proud of herself for hoarding all of those caps! My cat just hoards dry pasta, it is incredibly weird and annoying.

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