15+ People Who Couldn’t Resist A Good Opportunity

When you think about it, half of the interesting pics, funny jokes and visual gags you see posted online are the result of someone taking advantage of a good opportunity.

If you’re feeling uninspired, these pics should encourage you to seize the day. Who knows, maybe one of your photos will appear on the next list.

1. Fair warning.

Reddit | rjray

You just know that there’s a story behind this sign. I’m guessing the story had something to do with a person who wound up with their hands full of sugar syrup.

2. Eating for two.

Reddit | w3rewulf

“My 39-week pregnant wife went to the store to ‘get stuff for dinner’,” wrote a dad-to-be, who added, “This is what she came home with.”

…I mean, calories are calories, right?

3. Match or mic?

Reddit | usernameconundrum

When you want to be a rock star, the signs are everywhere. Where others might see pots and pans, you’ll see a drum kit. Heck, it’s impossible to burn a match without seeing a microphone stand.

4. In fine form already.

Reddit | colonelbackhand

Parents know that something changes forever once they take on the title of “parent.” For dads, part of the initiation process includes getting white sneakers, high socks, khaki shorts and a casual polo shirt.

5. On point.

Reddit | sysmimas

Outside Legoland Germany, innumerable parents and grandparents have taken a breather on a bench. Eventually, those cheeky folks at Lego just had to commemorate the phenomenon.

6. Five for five!

Reddit | Thoughtful_Antics

Sure, maybe you’ve seen the low fuel or check engine light turn on once in a while, but you have to be an absolute boss/someone who doesn’t care about maintenance at all to get all five lights to glow.

7. Shush.

Reddit | BigMike0228

A guy decided to surprise his girlfriend with a majestic new shower curtain featuring the iconic Jeff Goldblum. The jury’s still out on whether their relationship survived this.

8. Why not?

Reddit | BugsyShort

During home renovations, the current homeowner snuck this skeleton into a wall before boarding it up. They won’t see the reaction of whoever eventually finds this, but the satisfaction lies in knowing that someone will find it.

9. Oh, I get it.

Reddit | Tallnate68

This is an example of classic mom humor. I mean, there’s no maid in this house! Even if there was, that’s a shirt button, not a button you press! Silly mom.

10. It isn’t dumb if it works.

Reddit | hulkvsspawn

This modern flatscreen is sitting on a television so old that its screen is shaped like a porthole. That’s the beauty of old TV sets, though — even if the tech dies, the furniture remains.

11. Things are getting tense.

Reddit | kardooma

The walls of this railway station in Hungary have lost a lot of tiles over the years. Some intrepid souls have decided to turn this into an impromptu game of Minesweeper.

12. Your go.

Reddit | Jasonnnp

Tic tac toe was never my thing, but a local kid is so jazzed about this game that they’re trying to play it with their letter carrier.

13. Awww.

Reddit | fibonarco

This is the kind of wholesome graffiti we all need in our lives. I know that my mom loves me, but it’s nice to get this affirmation from random walls sometimes.

14. Into the shadow realm.

Reddit | SketchySandwich

Someone covered their door with mirror paper. I’m not sure what their goal was, other than blowing everybody’s mind. I’d try to walk into this portal and wind up slamming my face on the door.

15. Done and done.

Reddit | parsons5545

I mean, assuming this is the Insta context, liking and sharing is no problem. But if they want people to literally share this post, the process of divvying it up might get tricky.

16. Always prepared.

Reddit | satchamo87

If you like dipping sauces, particularly the delicious little packets you get at fast food restaurants, you’re probably all about this photo. This is the kind of toolbox every sauce aficionado needs.

17. Got ’em on a technicality.

Reddit | _Cookiee_

If you’re going to get all high-handed and demonstrate proper versus improper TP orientation, you’d better account for every possibility. If you don’t, you’ll wind up with this disaster — which, judging from the diagram, isn’t wrong.

18. Just a little dab.

Reddit | animaBased

This is actually a faraway statue of an angel on the top of a church. But if it looks like a giant lotion bottle, that’s how it’s mostly going to be photographed.

19. I haven’t seen that movie.

Reddit | KrazyKhajiitLady

This is kind of a plea for help, but I like things the way they are. There’s a bit of sign real estate left, so long as the sign guy is willing to get creative.

20. In a row.

Reddit | Bri-guy15

Someone got their ducks in a row. Get it? Ducks. In a row. It might not seem like much, but this is quality internet content. If you see a chance for a funny pic, always take your shot.

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