15+ People Who Have Trouble Fitting In

Feeling like you have been left out can be a horrible feeling! However, sometimes people can use this scenario to quite hilarious ends… I mean, it’s still sad, but it’s funny sad if that makes sense?

Anyway, with that in mind, please enjoy these 15+ times we felt like the odd man out!

1. “When you’re low-key lonely…”

Reddit | buttercat

Oh, dear Lord, no! There is something about interlocking fingers with toes that goes through my like nails on a chalkboard, moving on!

2. “Neighbor’s tortoise escaped and walked almost a street away. At around 250 pounds, this was their solution to get her home!”

Reddit | sweetsugr25

I have been in a very similar situation many times before when being carted home after being in the pub. That tortoise has the face of someone who is going to do this immediately again!

3. “Fitting in…”

Reddit | luckycharm7

“Don’t forget guys, we need to look cool and edgy and angsty, yeah?”

“Look, I just want to tell you all, that I’m just happy to be involved here guys!”

4. “Just wanted to check if Jerry has time to come play outside?”

Reddit | aeh21

“Hi, I was just wondering if you were interested in any—”

“For the last time, we don’t want whatever you’re selling!”

5. “You can’t bring your dog on the subway in New York unless it fits in a bag…”

Reddit | LucasLarson

I have never known anyone to be so happy to technically be in IKEA as that dog is right there. Good God I hate that shop, with its damn arrows!

6. “I have been using a CVS receipt as a replacement blind for over 9 months.”

Reddit | wewewawa

One equally thrifty person added the suggestion, “Tape a toothpick at the bottom so it doesn’t roll,” which I think is just ingenious!

7. “They had to shrink a kid’s picture in the yearbook because his hair didn’t fit.”

Reddit | KingdomDark

“I’ll just have to crop some of the hair out.”

“No! Move back!”

“I don’t think that there is room enough for hair that big!”

“We’ll make room!”

8. “Today was my last day after being laid off. I left this on my chair before I clocked out for the last time.”

Reddit | WarOtter

It’s always good to make sure that when you are leaving a job to burn every bridge that you feasibly can!

9. “Just bought a standing desk. I’m 6’4″. GF is… not!”

Reddit | DylanPierpont

Wow, it looks like she has drank the shrinking elixir from Alice In Wonderland! Also, while I’m on that subject, I never got why she just drank out of a bottle that said, “Drink me!” Don’t do this people!

10. “School’s out in my neighborhood.”

Reddit | Vistana

I would love to know how much alcohol is consumed by teachers on the last day of term for the summer holidays, I bet it’s an insanely high amount!

11. “Don’t let the patient feel left out.”

Reddit | thebigt42

Knowing my friends, if we were to do this and I were to start winning, they would simply unplug the machines keeping me alive.

12. “Sign outside my local poolhall…”

Reddit | rockthehoody

If I’m honest, I’m slightly more concerned about why they aren’t bothered about children pulling their pants up!

13. “My local ice cream place cheers me up.”

Reddit | SoDakZak

Well, it sounds like you’re not the only person that they have been cheering up! The missing apostrophe is making me very unhappy on the other hand.

14. “Trying to fit in like…”

Reddit | CertifiedKameena

I hate it when you lie on a resume to get a job, somehow get it, and then realize how wildly under-qualified you are for the position when it’s too late!

15. Batteries Not Included…


There was nothing quite like the feeling of getting a toy at Christmas and realizing you had no batteries in the house and having to scramble though all of the remotes to find some.

16. “I’m just looking for a place to fit in…”

Reddit | Thepoonslaya

No one ever really wants the L blocks, they only want the long thin ones or the T blocks!

17. “Just got a new selfie stick!”

Reddit | BreadOnFire

If only there was some sort of device they could use to take a selfie of the selfie stick? Maybe a selfie stick, selfie stick?

18. Sad Mattress Sounds

Reddit | ohsureyoudo

Same, mattress, same! I never thought that I would find myself sympathising with an abandoned mattress before, but now it all makes perfect sense.

19. Laughing On The Outside, Crying On The Inside!

Reddit | grahvity

I hate it when you ask someone out and then realize too late that they’re just a two-dimensional person with no personality!

20. “A friend almost didn’t fit in a store in Hanoi, Vietnam.”

Reddit | poord

Wow, I really don’t think that anyone has been more perfectly fitted for a room before! Thank God he wore flip flops!

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