15+ Weird Pics With A Surprisingly Positive Twist

That “Not going to lie, they had us in the first half” meme is popular because there’s so, so much truth in it. It’s easy to get disheartened, or at least disinterested, without knowing the full story behind an event.

Things aren’t always as bad as they seem!

1. This letter was in a mail truck that was involved in a fatal accident.

Reddit | NocturnalNuns

Big credit to the post office for doing their best to still get the mail — singed as it is — to its rightful destinations after such a tragic event.

2. In Korea, you might see these odd structures next to the garbage cans in fast food joints.

Reddit | laxanh

There’s a method to the madness of collecting cups like this: it reduces the space garbage takes up, which then reduces the overall volume of trash.

3. While he was visiting Japan, the Pope actually wore an anime-themed robe someone made for him.

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

Yes, this really happened. The pink and blue garment features phrases such as “Gratitude,” “Let’s pray together,” “May there be peace,” and “We are glad you’re the pope.”

4. This girl drew Nike swooshes on her “shoes” — really just a tape wrap — before a track meet.

Facebook | Predirick B. Valenzuela

She still brought home gold medals in the 400m, 800m, and 1500m races, too. Not bad for an 11-year-old!

5. Just four locks on a fence, but they hold a deeper meaning for four people.

Reddit | OscarDelaChoka

“Twenty-two years ago my friends and I walked home from middle school together for the last time and placed these locks on this fence,” wrote the uploader. “Still there today.”

6. That’s doing people a solid.

Reddit | Afronanny

Someone 3D printed some two-tone coasters for their house, that just happen to have a working QR code on them. Guests can use that code to connect to the wifi.

7. As this image from NYC shows, hollowed out trees once served as water pipes.

Reddit | onepersononeidea

As antiquated as it seems, there are plenty of good takeaways here, like how long those old trees lasted, and the fact that there’s a much lower chance any water running through them would be contaminated with lead.

8. Speaking of old water thingies…

Reddit | Import

Good news, this might have just entered your nightmares, but this is a good thing, not a scary thing.

It’s the oldest surviving diving suit, first used back in the 18th century. Probably the biggest positive would be technology moving along from it, however.

9. Somebody decided to open up their old dryer before chucking it, and wanted everyone to know what they found.

Reddit | SamanthaJK09

So, don’t just search the couch cushions and then stop. Who knows, the dryer could pay off too!

10. A bit random, but totally welcome.

Reddit | Mecha_Osprey

Always nice to see dogs who need wheels to get around be included — even if it’s just in a blanket pattern.

11. Well, that’s not where I would ever expect to find a plant growing.

Reddit | raspberriesnjune

I’m not sure there’s a much better metaphor for determination and life winning out in the great struggle than a plant managing to take root behind the paint on a wall.

12. After and before surgery to correct scoliosis

Reddit | erich0779

Looks like a real life-changer — apparently some people who go through this surgery report growing a few inches taller after the operation, too.

13. Not to worry, this gorilla is fine.

Reddit | nooyork

It’s just an anything-but-routine vet visit for this large patient. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing that such a thing is even possible, and the gorilla must appreciate it as well.

14. Pretty sure this was created by someone who was constantly losing things.

Reddit | notanaijin

Basically, it’s just a little tray to put things on when you’re in a public bathroom. It’s attached to the lock, so you can’t unlock it without all your stuff falling off.

15. Some people are just this good-natured.

Reddit | farWorse

They’ve mistaken this complaint/suggestion box for a charity donation box and started depositing cash instead of their complaints, not even knowing the specific cause they’re donating to.

16. That’s some considerate moss.

Reddit | Larvsesh

Although this old tombstone is rife with it, the moss has decided to grow inside the lettering divots, so the tombstone is still largely legible.

17. Folks might be annoyed to find 25 generations worth of nests in their chimney.

Reddit | Konnarinari

But at the same time, you have to be kind of honored, don’t you? Knowing that so many birds have found your home a safe and warm spot to start a family is pretty nice.

18. It looks like this floor has been irretrievably stained, but, well, yes and no.

Reddit | Tie_me_off

That’s right where the floor cleaner is sold, and a spill has cleaned a large patch of floor, making it look stained.

19. Not sure most folks would love to see so many men in orange jumpsuits with dogs at their sides.

Reddit | YaMochi

But it’s all part of their rehabilitation — they’re training service dogs, which is as win-win a scenario as you can ask for, really.

20. Of all the places for a spider to build its web…

Reddit | Prozenflame

This is probably the most useful. I mean, it’s like it’s trying to help, patching up a hole in the screen. And it will probably get a few good snacks out of it, too!

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