15+ Weird Things People Happened To Notice

What do you do when you feel like you’re the only person in the world who has seen a strange phenomenon? You take a picture, right? Just so everybody knows you’re not some alien-abduction-style crackpot, you’ve got to get the thing on camera.

So these things might not be quite on the level of flying saucers and little green men, but they were still weird enough that someone had to get a pic and that’s pretty compelling.

1. “A brown box is stuck on its corner, between the ceiling and a white box.”

Reddit | ZennerXi

Oh, sure, this person gets a scenic, delicate balancing act but at my house, that box definitely would have come crashing down at 3 am and caused days of speculation about poltergeists haunting our house.

2. “The way the sun shines through the trees and perfectly hits this building’s security camera.”

Reddit | lillillilx

Normally I wouldn’t think too much of something like this, but that dot of sun is like a spotlight on that camera. You couldn’t ask it to be more directly focused on the camera.

3. “Most of the snow has melted from the road, except where sealant has been put on cracks in the asphalt.”

Reddit | ExtrapolatedData

I’m sure there’s a good and proper scientific explanation but I really just love how, once you notice it, the street looks like a jigsaw puzzle. Also, I hope the doggy’s paws don’t get too cold.

4. “My mother is still using this iron made in Western Germany.”

Reddit | Ehansaja

They definitely don’t make ’em like they used to! You know you’ve got a quality tool on your hands if there’s proof that it was manufactured more than 30 years ago and it’s still doing the job.

5. “My jacket matches the sign for the national park I was visiting.”

Reddit | tomboski

Makes you wonder if perhaps Canada’s national parks system sells jackets, doesn’t it? Even the proportions of brown and yellow are close to the same.

6. “This tree growing around the palm tree.”

Reddit | sunny946

I think that unless you look up at the fronds poking through the top, you’d probably just excuse this as an oddly-trunked tree. But no, it’s two trees in one. Bonus!

7. “Ketchup is measured by weight and ranch is measured by volume.”

Reddit | RacoonSlurpee

Is there some kind of advantage to doing it one way versus the other? Or is the condiment world just that much more chaotic than any of us ever realized?

They’re both ounces of one variety or another, so does it even matter? Does anything matter?

8. “The way my non-reflective cloth couch is reflecting a near perfect image of this guitar.”


Ah, the guitar gods are smiling, or so it would seem. I mean, the couch is acting more like a screen for the reflection off the guitar but pedantics aside, it’s still quite pretty.

9. “There are places in the US where you can still see the wagon ruts from The Oregon Trail. These are near Baker City, Oregon.”

Reddit | PersnicketyHazelnuts

It sure seems like a thing that shouldn’t be possible but it’s true, those ruts aren’t from car tires. They’re from wagon wheels carved those into the landscape more than 140 years ago.

10. “The rocks on this beach in Fuerteventura look like popcorn.”

Reddit | Sharktopus_

I suppose walking on a beach covered in rocks like these would be hard not to notice, with all that popcorn crunching under your feet. Pretty cool though.

11. “Was removing paint and glue off my stairs and found a Free Mason emblem.”

Reddit | Optimusgandalf

So, either that’s the mark of quality craftsmanship on those stairs or maybe that house used to be a secret Mason meeting room. It’s a mystery!

And maybe the start of some kind of treasure hunt movie because why not?

12. “My cat has a cat in his markings.”

Reddit | slj17

Yep, I can make it out, right on his flank there with little ears poking up.

I wonder how many pet owners just sit there looking at their furry ones — and possibly scaly ones too — finding images of things in their hides?

13. “Thin beam of sunlight coming through the window curtain looks like subway graffiti.”

Reddit | PoochieBigRig

Wow, that…really does look like the kind of graffiti you’d see in a subway or underpass or something. I hope this ribbon of light doesn’t infringe on any artist’s tag.

Heck, maybe it will inspire a young artist out there, who knows?

14. “The rare but useful OFF/NO switch!”

Reddit | bob-lehat

Well, the color-coding of the switches does enough of the heavy lifting with this arrangement — so much so, in fact, that I’m surprised anyone even bothered to look at what was printed on the buttons.

15. “How a Georgian grocery store describes sugar products.”

Reddit | ParkingIntroduction9

That would be Georgia, the country that used to be part of the Soviet Union, not the state in America.

And that sign is about as blunt as a cigarette pack’s health warning label. There’s an argument to be made that it should be, too.

16. “This serial number is a palindrome.”

Reddit | actually_a_wolf

Okay, not that I carry much cash anymore — who does — but even when I did, I never examined it that closely.

Maybe this person forgot their phone before using the bathroom, and then needed to take a pic of this phenomenon later?

17. “The spider webs on my sister’s lawn looks like snow.”

Reddit | retrohaxgod

You know, I was going to say that this looks like a nice, serene, dewy morning scene out in the countryside but so much for that.

Knowing that that lawn has been blanketed in spiderwebs just destroys that pastoral romantic vision, thanks.

18. “My jaw from below looks like my nose from above.”

Reddit | MrLonely821

I wonder if it works that way for everybody, like how your handspan is supposed to match the length of your forearm?

I know I’ve never checked, personally because never in my life have I been bored enough, and that’s not likely to change. Anybody else?

19. “Mirror in my bathroom leaves a perfect circle that doesn’t gather any condensation.”

Reddit | davidGOAT

I guess that’s handy when you need to shave after your shower but don’t want to wait around while the steam clears and the mirror de-fogs, but it’s weird to have a patch of mirror just not fog up in the first place, right?

I wonder what causes that.

20. “At my local supermarket, the price of rum goes up as the naval ranking goes down.”

Reddit | MrX16

Which is really not how you’d expect it to work, is it? The admiral should be offering up the finest, and therefore highest-priced spirits, right?

Kind of shatters all of my deeply held beliefs about naval traditions.

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