16+ Hilarious Details We Didn’t Notice Until Just Now

Our planet is full of hilarious tiny details that most of us spend our days passing by. However, if we just stop for a moment and look around, these funny and weird little features make themselves apparent!

And, with this delightfully quaint idea in mind, here are 16+ hilarious details that we didn’t notice until just now!

1. “Marge Simpson Ivy Pole.”

Reddit | ARKenneKRA

Someone saw a great opportunity here and ran with it! Not being able to get a haircut during lockdown clearly hit cartoon characters as much as it hit everyone else!

2. “My grocery store cheese counter has the right idea.”

Reddit | Gin_Tonic

If you can think of any ways to fit cheeses into the chorus, then please let me know in the comments. I couldn’t get any to fit despite trying to make Gouda work as hard as I could!

3. “I found a book called ‘THE ANCIENT THIRST TO READ.’ It’s actually a flask.”

Reddit | ektylu

Well, I’ve just found something that I will be buying immediately! And if I can’t find one online, I’m just going to make my own!

4. “Aussie coffee shop tells it like it is.”

Reddit | Landerah

You get into some strange places if you start describing all animal products in this way! Just try and focus on how cute bees are and forget the vomity bit!

5. “I got chest surgery a little while ago. I thought the scar looked a bit angry so I added some eyebrows for effect.”

Reddit | DarnLemons

Someone suggested that this person should get those angry eyebrows tattooed onto themselves, and I think that it is a fantastic idea!

6. “Turns out Seattle knows how to make effective warning signs.”

Reddit | aStonedDeer

Someone did make the point though that if you lost control of the car and crashed after reading this, that you would die with “Ice Ice Baby” being stuck in your head. Of all the songs to die singing!

7″Ad for local pizza shop. They’re getting my business.”

Reddit | nevermatter

I mean, you could keep some of the salad leaves in there to catch the grease and oil as it drips off your pizza and then eat those at the end. Yep, just nearly made myself vomit with that idea, sorry.

8. “Effective advertising?”

Reddit | Sugarkrill

The only thing is that they have put this up in the diaper aisle. Wouldn’t it be better if they put this sign in the condom aisle? This feels like it might be a little too late!

9. “A little boy in our neighborhood went door-to-door selling homemade brooms for $2. Even demonstrated the effectiveness of it! Needless to say…”

Reddit | Kynetixx

This excitable person went on to write, “This same kid (i’m guessing 8 or 9) is outside it seems every other day selling lemonade on the side of the road. Pretty sure his savings account is larger than mine at this point.”

10. Send Help!

Reddit | stay_sweet

Well, looks like the advertising team really played to their strengths on this one — or played to their lack of strengths at least.

11. “Safety First.”

Reddit | Egorwild1

I actually watched Highlander again not long ago, and I can honestly say that that film is one of the most bizarre films ever made. Also, word to the wise, don’t watch the sequels!

12. “The lifelike details. 100% accurate.”

Reddit | smarshall561

This life-like shopping cart also comes with authentic, insufferable squeaking sound effects whenever you wheel it along!

13. “Coffee shop drink sizes based on how much sleep you had last night.”

Reddit | Uubbeerr

I wonder if there is a legendary even bigger-cup for when you’ve not slept in over two days, just called the, “You need serious help!”

14. “This banana painted on the floor of a grocery store.”

Reddit | droo46

If I worked there, I would wait until everyone had noticed it, then put an actual banana peel over it and see if anyone slipped on it unexpectedly!

Theater Marquee describes the current stage of construction.”

15.”Theater Marquee describes the current stage of construction.”

Reddit | TheHeckIsGoingOn

I love that film. It’s the only sequel more riveting than Paint Drying! I was glued to my seat!

16. “This mural in Massachusetts has a security camera built into the [turtle’s] eye.”

Reddit | leap1n

They have even got the top eyelid on the eye which really completes the effect!

17. “Who wore it best?”

Reddit | BartenderOU812

For some reason, I keep expecting that cone to pop up and reveal a person underneath, only for it to turn out that this is their hat. I wish life were more like a cartoon sometimes.

18. “My local independent coffee shop uses a Starbucks mug for its toilet brush holder.”

Reddit | daviedrew

I used to drink a ridiculous amount of Starbucks coffee when I was at uni, but I think that was because I was studying English and it was a sort of prerequisite for the course!

19. “My girlfriend’s rabbit, Banjo, has a smaller rabbit on his nose.”

Reddit | steveo82838

Legend has it that there is an even smaller rabbit hidden somewhere in that rabbit, and within that rabbit is an even smaller cat. No one knows why it is a cat. It kind of ruins the flow to be honest.

20. “Zoom in on Chewbacca’s feet, the attention to detail is amazing.”

Reddit | porku

If I’m not mistaken, these might be the actual costumes used in the original trilogy! They must have cost a fortune!

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