16+ Incredible Finds People Stumbled Upon By Chance

Everyone knows the golden rule of finding something cool: “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

I’ve done a bad job of taking pics of my cool finds over the years. Fortunately, these people made sure to bring the receipts.

1. Waste not, want not.

Reddit | Lord-AG

This drugstore, found in the Czech Republic, has a unique feature: a machine that fills up old bottles with shampoo and shower gel. It’s an effort to get people to re-use what they have and limit how much plastic is used.

2. Dream come true.

Reddit | rbards

Apparently this vending machine yeeted all over the place and dispensed all of its snacks at the same time. I wonder if there are vending machine hackers out there.

3. Follow the yellow corn road.

Reddit | benderboi05

A train was rumbling through the plains of Minnesota when it started leaking corn. The leak fell perfectly between the two tracks, apparently for some distance.

4. What is this witchcraft?

Reddit | aviatorlj

I’m sure someone much smarter than me could explain this, but it’s kind of weird how the angle of the sunshine has managed to remove the italics from the sign.

5. This is how you get cursed.

Reddit | Luciphyr729

This 2,000-year-old green mask was unearthed at the bottom of a Mexican pyramid. It also looks exactly like a mask from the first Red Dead Redemption that kicked off a zombie plague. We’ve been warned.

6. Views from the past.

Reddit | KingShmeebly

Someone found this travel brochure from the World Trade Center while cleaning their house. It’s wild to think about how this was printed when the towers were brand new, and now they’ve been gone for close to two decades.

7. Synchronicity.

Reddit | flowerboy00

What looks like one photo with a slight ridge in the middle is actually two distinct photos, both taken from the same spot, that can easily be merged into one.

8. Mini me.

Reddit | drebler

This guy met a stranger at a wedding that was basically his perfect doppelgänger. Everything is the same apart from their sizes relative to each other.

9. Work smarter, not harder.

Reddit | WesternAnimator

The three ceiling fans in this picture don’t require individual motors to run. Because of the way they’ve been rigged up, they’re all able to use the same motor.

10. Climb the Clif.

Reddit | AnGabhaDubh

I don’t know if this is literally the same rock formation from the Clif Bar wrapper, but it’s a close enough fit that I’ll allow it.

11. One big clove.

Reddit | [deleted]

This garlic is unlike anything I’ve seen. It’s shaped like garlic usually is, but instead of individual segments, it’s all one big clove. I guess that means less peeling work.

12. Keep the theme.

Reddit | Bombaskos

When a Mexican restaurant moved into a recently-vacated Chinese restaurant, they didn’t want to get rid of the fun panda mural on the wall. Instead, they modified it just slightly.

13. Levitation.

Reddit | Jedi_JJ

Birds are super light, and sometimes it’s easier for them to simply hop from one place to another rather than go to the effort of spreading their wings. It’s a weird sight when they’re photographed mid-hop.

14. My brain doesn’t like this.

Reddit | AnnaTrier

Something about a kiwi without the classic pattern of seeds is really unnerving.

15. A different sort of panic buying.

Reddit | knowledgesurfer

We’re seeing a lot of empty toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and diaper shelves, but these ones held another quarantine necessity: puzzles.

16. I approve of this makeover.

Reddit | JubMikel

High winds blew letters off the sign of this tobacco shop, revealing its secret wish to sell tasty tacos instead.

17. Unfortunate window trim.

Reddit | trinitythetot

How long did it take them to notice that their windows spell “poop”, I wonder.

18. Can’t argue with that.

Reddit | 1ZacNolan1

It’s a weird system we live in, one where certain workers are legally paid less than minimum wage under the expectation that customers’ tips will make the difference. More bars and restaurants should try this approach.

19. A visual feast.

Unsplash | McKayla Crump

This multicolored beauty can be found in Peru, and is also known as Vinicunca, or the Mountain of Seven Colors. The mountain’s layers of color were only discovered in 2015, when the snow covering the area melted.

20. Anything can be a waterfall.

Reddit | pdidyking

This is a picturesque outdoor staircase, but when things get a little too rainy, it looks like a miniaturized waterfall and rapids.

21. No exceptions!

Reddit | woodceilingfan

It’s nice to see signs like this. We’re all in this together, and divisiveness doesn’t help anybody. Props to this church.

22. This tree has a “rope” of twisted branches.

Reddit | rob_the_chemist

Which is pretty cool, but it’s possible that the twist is actually Oriental Bittersweet, which is invasive and will likely kill the tree eventually.

23. Great-grandpa’s great-license.

Reddit | Jester-shark

This drivers’ license was still in their wallet, even though it expired in 1961.

24. Consider this a reminder to purge your pantry more often.

Reddit | AjdinoX

Sure, most things in there are shelf-stable and “non-perishables”, but a 37-year-old bottle of corn syrup is probably pushing the definition.

25. After her spay surgery, this kitty’s fur grew back black.

Reddit | arthurdentstowels

This is actually pretty neat. According to the top comment, the color is controlled by the temperature of the skin. Because that area was extra chilly as the fur grew in, it’s dark.

Over time, it’ll probably shift back.

26. Cost-effective speed trap.

Reddit | Enzo0721

Turkey has installed tons of fake police cars along roads and highways in hopes of deterring speeding.

Not sure how well it works, but if you occasionally swap them at random with real cars, it could make a difference.

27. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Reddit | TayBertits

This glue trap would spell instant death for any ant who walked on it, so an ant colony has used gravel and other debris to create a safe bridge over it.

28. Adorable mushrooms in a door mat.

Reddit | suglarboogler

These are very cute, but it’s probably time to either clean your mat thoroughly or replace it entirely.

29. Return… bucket.

Reddit | drevils

When this person’s Microsoft Surface battery began to swell, they contacted customer service. Instead of a pre-paid return shipping label, they sent a return bucket filled with flame retardant material to ship the unit back in.

Not unsettling at all.

30. Is this extra lucky?

Reddit | tinrinca

I mean, the clover only has three leaves, but it’s also gigantic, so that has to be worth something.

31. Norway has a very firm anti-witch policy.

Reddit | poopedinapumpkin ​

Which is hardly unusual, really.

Presumably, this sign isn’t actually standard issue in all mountain forests around Norway.

32. Being cooped up all day results in new discoveries.

Reddit | mushroompizzayum

These wild parrots all came for a quick meal. It was the first time the owner of the feeder had ever seen them.

33. “Tough times never last, tough people do”.

Reddit | jacques4801

“Found an old letter sent to my mother who was struggling to make payments on my trumpet,” wrote the person who posted this selfless letter from a few years back.

34. Give a duck.

Reddit | baarsie

This dock looks like it’s trying to make a fashion statement. But the ridge isn’t there for aesthetics. It’s designed to give ducks an easy way to get from the river to the sidewalk.

35. Barnacles love basketballs.

Reddit | deadlefties

The left image looks like the old-school NBA Jam logo, but it’s actually just an old Spalding, found floating in the English Channel, that has become positively encrusted with barnacles.

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