16+ People Who Really Had No Idea What Was About To Happen

You always have to be prepared at all times in this life of ours! Well, you’re meant to, but it is awfully tiring being constantly prepared so don’t worry about it too much…

Anyway, from people who underestimated the malice of ducks to the worst use of a Twix of all time, here are 17+ people who had no idea what was about to happen!

1. “What a delicious apple!”

Reddit | Brinjo

In fairness, nothing is more appetising to a cat than the thing which will cost the most to fix after they have tried to eat it!

2. “Congratulations!”

Reddit | Thicc_flair_drip

I guess that they just couldn’t make it to the hospital! Giving birth in the middle of the street isn’t the safest place I can imagine, but congrats anyway!

3. “Slippery sidewalk!”

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

It looks like someone needs to throw this poor woman some cardboard! She’s throwing some sick shapes!

4. “Headshot!”

Reddit | SpankyNoodlee

There is something unavoidably funny about this picture, and I think that it is just how oblivious the poor kid on the right looks with his mittens on.

5. “The face of guilt…”

Reddit | Jaffa3105

Yeah, that dog’s face suggests that they definitely ran off with the last note! When will dogs and mailmen ever achieve peace?!

6. “The anticipation is killing me!”

Reddit | xarflon

Do you think that it might be Allan? Also, joking aside, what kind of a clown name is “Dusty”?

7. “Deaf and partially blind pup trying to comfort a foster kitty.”

Reddit | celestial_catbird

For a cat that is supposed to have just been comforted, that kitten looks absolutely baffled at what has just happened.

8. “Sadly true.”

Reddit | flightylady

I’m sure that the person who came up with the see-saw didn’t realise that they were creating a device to weed out lonely kids, but they were!

9. Sad Scooting Sounds…

Reddit | senior_poop

Now he has just got a skateboard on hard mode! Don’t stop scooting just because the handlebars came off!

10. “Cricket at a wedding with a photographer who clearly wasn’t expecting such a well-directed bouncer.”

Reddit | aliceearwax

Judging from the face on the bowler, he knows that this was one hell of a spectacularly bad throw already.

11. “Working an outdoor vaccine clinic. Didn’t think about sunscreen… Now I have a mask-shaped sunburn, but only on half my face.”

Reddit | thatwillnotsuffice

I can’t work out if this is worse than sunglasses-shaped sunburn or if it is the same level of annoyance?

12. “He’s got some Twix up his sleeves!”

Reddit | jai_wadhwa_

What they didn’t know was that he was also lying under a blanket made out of Snickers and Topic bars woven together. Yeah, that’s right, I brought up a Topic bar, the most underappreciated chocolate bar of all time.

13. “Saw this on my local Wisconsin news.”

Reddit | ithappenb4

What the hell is Fake Spring? I feel like someone from Wisconsin needs to clarify what Fake Spring is!

14. “MINE!”

Reddit | [deleted]

I can hear the squawk of this seagull just by looking at this picture. You’ve got no one else to blame for this, never let your guard down at the beach.

15. The Imminent Cat Fight…

Reddit | TheRunningTrain

Nothing gets your hands shredded up like trying to break up a cat fight, which is something that the owner of these cats is probably very aware of.

16. “Came out of nowhere…”

Reddit | 9999monkeys

This is like something right out of Final Destination. Except, in Final Destination, the special effects would be a lot worse without a doubt, God I hate those films.

17. “This image was taken moments before I heard my wife’s screams coming from the bedroom.”

Reddit | Vascular_D

Another cat clearly proving why they are deadly and attentive predators who are always aware of the things going on around them!

18. “And she stopped smiling.”

Reddit | Brinjo

For creatures that are unbelievably cute, ducks can pack a punch with their bites! Sure, it might not be a goose bite, but ducks don’t mess around.

19. “My poor cousin slipping off the chair.”

Reddit | ButFat

At least she seems to be pretty elated with the whole situation! I can imagine that tears ensued a second after this was taken though.

20. “Baby found something to pull on!”

Reddit | lexkp27

Who needs to shave when you can just hold a curious baby up to your face?!

21. “My dad took this picture at the exact moment my mom got chomped by an ostrich.”

Reddit | KeloLeo

And those things can really pack a punch with their bite! I like the way that the other ostrich is just watching on to see how her hand tastes before joining in as well.

22. “Computer bug in real life.”

Reddit | menesesnando

Wow, this guy has managed to tip his hat at the cameraman without even touching his hat! Now that is impressive!

23. “I got my vaccine today! Want to see my vaccination card? Oh wait…my husband forgot to take it out of his vest before washing his clothes.”

Reddit | SilverOwl321

They might be able to dry it out and piece it back together like an incredibly important jigsaw puzzle?

24. “Someone managed to lose their new box of… lost-item trackers.”

Reddit | CringyRedditGuy

They must have been anticipating losing something…just not the things to prevent them from losing anything.

25. “I’m a solar roofer, and we are required to wear gloves while we work…it’s only may.”

Reddit | ItsJustGrandpa

That is going to be incredibly hard to even out! They will have to go out sunbathing while wearing a hazmat suit with their hands sticking out.

26. “That time I was at the McDonald’s drive through and got side eyed by a dog in a backpack.”

Reddit | macabrejaguar

This little dog is really annoyed as he actually wanted to go to KFC, but is having to make do with McDonald’s.

27. “My daughter & I learning a very important lesson about feeding goats at a petting zoo.”

Reddit | TemporaryBusiness343

Goats are terrifying creatures that should be feared at all times! Oh, wait, no I’m thinking of lions, sorry I’m always mixing those two up.

28. “My stupid unexpecting face a fraction of a second before being bit in the junk.”


This poor guy is about to experience a pain which will cause every man in a mile radius to wince.

29. An Incredibly Close Call!

Reddit | babyspoot

This lucky person explained, “Went to the gas station last night for 5 minutes to get beer and came back to this. My room is the window to the right. I feel insanely lucky right now. Might go gambling later.”

30. “I got a pic of my bf falling off a float and just realized there was a guy falling off a boat at the same time.”

Reddit | fizzelixir

Synchronised falling is just as graceful as synchronised swimming! If anything, it might even be more graceful!

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