16+ Pics That Perfectly Captured The World’s Fascinating Details

The world is so complex and unique in billions of different ways, it’s simply impossible to experience all it has to offer in the time we’re given.

So in the effort of trying to experience as much as you can, I’ve devised this list of 16+ pics that perfectly captured the world’s fascinating details!

1. “1930’s parquet flooring restored today!”

Reddit | Fallinator95

You can barely see it in the before picture, but they restored it beautifully! More people ought to dig up their floors and see what treasures lay beneath.

2,This instruction manual has ‘click’ translated to several languages.”

Reddit | grainity

I will forever be spelling ‘click’ as ‘klik.’ Something about it is just so much cuter.

3. “The size of a fiber optic wire capable of supplying a home with high speed internet.”

Reddit | sippen730

Wow! That’s kind of terrifying! Tech is getting smaller and smaller while also getting more and more powerful.

4. “My goldfish cracker looked like a shark.”

Reddit | Socks_are_ok

I was going to make some sort of baby shark joke but I don’t want to bring about any flashbacks in anyone.

5. “These little snail mouth prints I found while cleaning an old fish tank.”

Reddit | Bottled_star

Of course snails have mouths. They need to eat, obviously. And yet, I seemed to forget and assumed they just dissolved things with their foot so this is really cool!

6. “I make 3D art by cutting playing cards with an xacto knife.”

Reddit | DoctorPaulGregory

It can be hard to appreciate the detail that goes into card art without seeing all the layers like this!

7. “[…] my baby daughter looking at a Robin.”

Reddit | wjwalsh1189

I, too, look at birds just like this. I get it, this user’s baby daughter, they’re great.

8. “The doily left a dust stencil on a table in an abandoned home I visited as a setting for some photo shooting.”

Reddit | rhum-Forrest-rhum

And the dust was so caked on that removing the doily didn’t move the dust. Nasty.

9. “[…] some interesting looking hills.”

Reddit | Doeeme

One tree atop each hill does give it a sort of uncanny, eerie vibe. This could be the poster for some folk-horror movie.

10. “[…] an owl in my aunt’s backyard!”

Reddit | trovarelaluce

A real ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment, great eye!

11. “Me and my dad. 1982 and 2021. Both age 20, 39 years apart.”

Reddit | IneedThepiano

This is the new bar for looking similar to your parents. Unless you’re this identical, you don’t look alike.

12. “This ‘hedgehog highway’ at my university.”

Reddit | logicandchill

Oh, to live somewhere where wild hedgehogs are common enough that this needs to exist.

13. “Dropped an old camel souvenir which revealed a secret compartment on its back that I never knew about.”

Reddit | Skolas3654

Well, don’t leave us hanging, was there something inside? A secret relic to kickstart a mystery?

14. “My [grandma’s] 2001 Lincoln Town Car has a VHS manual.”

Reddit | annettelilyd

Imagine buying a new car then having to sit down and watch a whole movie about it.

15. “Creepy tree in the Balkan Mountains…”

Reddit | TheStamster

Don’t be mean, this guy’s nice! He’s holding the branches up so they don’t fall and block the path!

16. “[This] arrowhead of mine has a small fossil inside.”

Reddit | goohugger555555

History containing history, that’s a pretty unique find!

17. “[…] flowers after a summer storm.:

Reddit | Marsh_Ink

I’ll forever be in awe of the ways in which nature can generate patterns like this, it’s always so stunning.

18. “I photographed a squirrel so close that the reflection in its eye shows my phone and my hand with the pine nuts.”

Reddit | RedFoxPro

No need to be coy, you can brag about your squirrel handling skills all you want.

19. “I found this giant scrabble tile letter in my mom’s office.”

Reddit | thebigbabi

You only found one? Because looking in the background I’m pretty sure I see many.

20. “The pattern my grow lights leave on the ground when there’s just a tiny gap in the door left open.”

Reddit | Man_Bear_Beaver

Have you ever wanted Rainbow Road inside your house? It’s easy, just buy some grow lights, put them in a room or closet, and mess with the door gap until you get this!

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