17+ Moments That Can’t Be Right

Nobody says that the world is an easy place, and that’s because it’s not! From having to deal with passive-aggressive coworkers to scientific anomalies, the world can be very perplexing!

And, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 17+ moments that can’t be right.

1. “Am I doing this right?”

Reddit | hey_im_cool

No…just no. Anyone who puts a toilet roll on like this, even just for a sick joke, should be subject to a psych evaluation.

2. “Something unbelievable happened at my KFC…”

Reddit | Mister_Johnson_

I reckon that everyone did in fact show up but that they all just fancied a day off! And, who can blame them!

3. “This shouldn’t be funny, right?”

Reddit | acdccc

How is this even possible? It is more difficult to actually hit the post in this instance! In fairness, she looks like she realizes how bad this situation is.

4. “Seriously, how fast was this cigarette moving?”

Reddit | 23richtea

This was clearly a cigarette butt that was flicked away by the Incredible Hulk. They never show it in the films, but he’s always having a smoke off-camera.

5. “You’re right, punctuation is key!”

Reddit | gmcalabr

I mean, I sincerely hope that there is something lost in punctuation here and that this isn’t actually…well, whatever the hell that name suggests!

6. “Page eight is covered in chloroform.”

Reddit | Kpop2258

There is no way that this book can actually work this well! Although, there is something about public transport that makes you incredibly sleepy for some reason.


7. “My daughter’s list in case anything happens to her older brother.”

Reddit | lala989

Wow. I mean, based on this, if anything happens to her older brother then I think that she should be the first suspect!

8. “Schrodinger’s cookie.”

Reddit | dwall1604

It’s basically just a game of fortune: Take a guess and hope for the best!

9. “Even my science teacher can’t explain this.”

Reddit | Viperkingdom_deadass

Apparently, this happens due to the light sensors that these use to measure heart rate. Basically…nerd stuff.

10. “What happened here?!?”

Reddit | igotanewusername

I’m assuming that what happened here was something along the same lines of what happened in the KFC earlier in this list!

11. “2020 is so messed up, even the rainbows can’t get it right.”

Reddit | chyken

It really is a testament to how terrible this year has been that the world has forgotten what a rainbow is meant to look like.

12. “Roomba jumped in my House last night. It somehow wrapped up its sensors in TP and headed off the edge.”

Reddit | Envoy_to_the_Stars

Perhaps it was just trying to rappel down the stairs to clean the lower floors for you! Either that or it wanted to dress up like a mummy.

13. Something Truly Terrible Must Have Happened…

Reddit | dinuba

Maybe the people who work there are just sick of not being offered any Oreos when people would take Oreos into the library!

14. “What could go wrong?”

Reddit | StrongerPanda

I can imagine that every single artist in that expo has never had to say the phrase, “Are you absolutely sure?” so many times in one day!

15. “Kangaroo fell over right when I snapped this pic.”

Reddit | stagemaestro

Yes, nature really is full of such graceful creatures. I bet this kangaroo got up and thought, “Wow, that was embarrassing. At least no one caught it on camera!”

16. “Are you sure that’s the right word?”

Reddit | jetcars_for_tots

“I mean, are you absolutely sure?”

“Look, it’s not like people actually read these things anyway.”

“Fine… Send it.”

17. There Must Be A Story Behind This

Reddit | AbDrRoIkAeN

I’ve got to be honest, I’d be too tempted to shout “This IS a squirrel!” when putting something down there to see what happens!

18. “Even if you fight, you can’t win.”

Reddit | SuperGuitar

I refuse to believe that this wild monkey is such a feared creature that it requires this severe a warning label to be put up!

19. “If your buddy says he can definitely do a fade, don’t listen. Source: me.”

Reddit | kophia

This would appear to be more of a flight of stairs look than a “fade.” And boy, does it stand out!

20. “Asked my wife where my eye drops were. She responded ‘in the bedroom on the tv stand under the lightswitch slightly trapped between the wall’!”

Reddit | mrbojingles1972

It never ceases to amaze me how well my partner knows where absolutely every single thing is in our apartment, no matter how specific the item!

21. “I needed to borrow my wife’s phone… she said her password was our anniversary. I gave the phone back and said I didn’t know what happened.”

Reddit | StarskyAndHutch

Wow, I bet that this was one hell of a frosty five minutes! I don’t think that I’d have got out of this one easily.

22. “There’s a bathroom in my parent’s house that is lit by a single window and this is what happens every day.”

Reddit | scoottehbesht

Yes, as it turns out, the gateway to heaven is through this toilet! So this is what people mean when they say the idea of heaven is a load of crap!

23. “A birthday cake gone wrong.”

Reddit | iSillyfishy

Mmmm, I bet there wasn’t a big queue to be the first person to cut into this interesting-looking cake.

24. “He thinks I can’t see him.”

Reddit | albritt9078

Apparently, this little guy was trying to avoid having a bath. However, his espionage skills need a little more work.

25. “My family has a tradition of making ornaments out of polymer clay on Thanksgiving. Someone didn’t buy the right brand last year…”

Reddit | warrantyvoiderer

I’d still be more than happy to display these adorable little things! And, they were too, apparently!

26. “It finally happened!”

Reddit | Odin343

“Hello everyone, this is your captain speaking and I would like to wish you all a good flight. And to all the pigs out there, oink oink oink oink!”

27. So, Did I Pass?

Reddit | Hmyzak01

“Well, Mr. Smith, it says here that you failedpassed your physics final. Care to explain that?”

“The robots… It was the robots’ fault.”

28. “This is what happens when people submit passive-aggressive office memos where I work.”

Reddit | Brodoor

Above all, I am most amazed here by how neatly this person is able to write with a sachet of ketchup!

29. “This is how you do it, right?”

Reddit | Ehalleck

Being lead by someone else, pretty scenery, generally nice photo, I think you’re good! There’s definitely nothing wrong or different about this picture.

30. “The situation at my friends apartment.”

Reddit | soupoder

I don’t see any situation. I see a raccoon having a fun time sliding down the railing. Stop making him self-conscious.

31. “A local computer repair shop thinks they’re funny.”

Reddit | gerclar

Computer mice can become a huge issue if they aren’t dealt with right away. They’ll fry cables and make baby trackpads… They had to get rid of them!

32. “Hotel I’m staying at, who’s job was this?”

Reddit | Chappssss

It’s like when you pre-pay for gas! You pre-grab toilet paper and hope it’s the right amount.

33. “The correct spelling was literally right in front of them.”

Reddit | reggienitro

It’s so they can get out of losses. “No, no, it wasn’t the Villains who lost, it was the Villians!”

34. “Pretty sure I’m on the wrong train.”

Reddit | kennyotfi

You’re saying you haven’t wanted to go to Narnia at least once? Not to mention this beats having to find the wardrobe yourself.

35. “Our sound system wasn’t sounding right. Husband checked the subwoofer.”

Reddit | PhoenixTears14

I’m experiencing vivid flashbacks to all the things I stuck into my parents’ subwoofer when I was a kid. Good to know this experience is universal.

36. “Someone in my building put this in the ‘free’ pile and pointed it at my door.”

Reddit | mopsockets

I get being initially startled, but I really hope you immediately went and took this afterward.

37. “My 2 year old asked me to make him tea and handed me this.”

Reddit | Ricketyribbet

Something tells me any kind of tea made with these would taste terrible.

38. “Moving present from my friend, this monstrosity is named Thomas the Shank Engine.”

Reddit | ItBTundra

I believe in everyone having a self-defense weapon in their home for emergencies, no matter how unconventional or partially concerning.

39. “Saw this on the street, seems about right.”

Reddit | Fuzzybuzzy514

You wouldn’t think it would be so easy to forget that you had just made a hot drink… And yet, I manage to leave my coffee at home when I leave for work at least four times a week.

40. “How is it 2018 and we still can’t get resealable bags in cereal boxes but we can for this? WTF!?”

Reddit | sgorman

I wish that I had an answer for this… Alas, I simply don’t. Although, at least now they can keep their t-shirts nice and fresh for longer!

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