17+ Moments That Prove What Goes Around Comes Around

This world can seem like an unfair place at times, but one rule that a lot of people live by is “What goes around comes around!”

So, from people getting what the deserve for being an asshat to things finding their way back to their owner in a less-than-obvious manner, here are 17+ moments that prove what goes around comes around.

1. “A note I found in psychiatry textbook from the 1930s.”

Reddit | CarelessStretch

Good to see that people were still not studying properly for exams 90 years ago as well, some things never change I guess. Swearing, however, has gotten a little more intense since then!

2. “My 8-year-old caught me crying over my missing engagement band and made me this.”

Reddit | RunningTrisarahtop

Another person with a similar story added, “When I was four I made a pair of ‘earrings’ for my mum. They were really just purple pieces of construction paper that I’d taped a single fake pearl to.”

3. “Driving to school today a guy cut me off, almost causing an accident. Naturally, I flipped him off for a good 10 seconds, only to return to my car after class to this.”

Reddit | jigglyball

I think that I would just feel really bad if I got this note! Actually, it depends on how badly they cut me off.

4. “Second day as a substitute teacher. I sent one of my students to the nurse with a bloody nose. Here’s the note he came back with…”

Reddit | Anastik

Every substitute teacher remembers their first time sending a kid to the school nurse only for it to be red ink and not blood, classic move.

5. Talk About Embarrassing Work Attire!

Reddit | razydreams

Ever since leaving Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan’s life has just gotten weirder and weirder.

6. “Cats waiting for the return of fisherman, Greece, 1970.”

Reddit | just_a_random_guy_11

And to think that people say that cats only care about their owners as they are the ones who bring them food…ridiculous.

7. “Co-worker got yelled at by a customer. Customer’s daughter felt bad and came back.”

Reddit | MetalJunkie101

There are few things more uncomfortable than being a kid and having to stand next to an older relative as they explode at a store worker.

8. “So my 8yo lost a tooth today…”

Reddit | StufferOfMuffins

It is better that this kid decided to try and just write a note instead of rooting through the toilet for the next few days after using it.

9. “Management at my gym trolling people into returning their weights.”

Reddit | Guacotacos

What is more worrying is the fact that the men at this gym are so insecure at the idea of being “shown up” by a woman that this an effective strategy.

10. “Instant karma, Front yard Frosty with tree trunk base teaches KY driver a valuable lesson.”

Reddit | Tallie1379

Well, if you play asshole games, you win asshole prizes! The prize in this instance was a nice trip to the nearest garage!

11. “This guy walks around my college with this staff everywhere he goes, I finally asked him why and he replied, ‘Seen any trolls around here lately? Didn’t think so.'”


I mean, it sounds like it is working so…keep doing what you are doing mystical student guy!

12. “I Don’t Believe You!”

Reddit | eric043921

Sometimes the sad fact of the matter is that it is just a slow news day, and you just have to run with anything you can think of!

13. An Astute Observation…

Reddit | Lemonjello23

This is just classic lumber humor, lumber guys absolutely go mad for this sort of thing…presumably?

14. “Screw the USA on Mondays!”

Reddit | phunky_1

It appears that even God almighty hates Mondays…and he bloody created them!

15. “Report my friend received from one of her students after returning from a day off…”

Reddit | ze_intern

Well, the kid who handed this in appears to be one hell of a grass! No one likes a grass kid!

16. “I found where my 3-year-old twins have been hiding my loose change!”

Reddit | newsoundera

I think that this seems like a much safer place to keep your money than in the bank, and it looks like I could fit my entire savings in there as well!

17. “These people trying to retrieve keys locked in the car. They are missing their window of opportunity.”

Reddit | Atxflyguy83

I can just imagine that this is the fifth time that this guy has had to break that window to get his keys out this week, and he just can’t bear the thought of having to re-cover it with another bin bag.

18. A Dish Best Served Warm…

Reddit | Mandiea91

I mean, they’re pretty damn small and fast, you’d have to be an incredibly accurate pooper.

19. “Stole one of these candies from my kid’s Christmas stash, learned the hard way they’re actually individually wrapped soaps.”

Reddit | MichelleS2323

It is almost like there is a lesson here about not stealing candy from a child, jeez! I do kind of wonder what flavor of soap it was though, there’s some tasty-sounding ones out there after all.

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