20 Red Flags The Relationship Is On The Verge Of Destruction

5: They Fight In Mean Ways

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As we’ve already said, arguing and fighting in a relationship is normal, but it’s important that we fight fair.

Fighting fairly means dealing with conflict as it arises, not allowing it to simmer and fester so that we can use it against the other person months later when we’re feeling particularly vindictive.

4: No One Likes Them

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It can generally be assumed that the family and friends we have want the best for us. They want to see us succeed, be happy, and find love.

Because of that, it should be a major sign that the relationship is doomed to fail if no one in our inner circle can find it in their heart to like our SO.

3: It’s A One-Way Street

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In a relationship, both people are supposed to put in the work to meet one another’s needs and feel they’re getting out what they’re putting in.

If only one person is putting in all the work and being the only one to pull their weight, it’s a good bet that this relationship doesn’t have what it takes to make it past a few months.

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