28 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

7. Food Escape: Bagging Your Groceries Twice Can Help

Some of the best and most perfectly timed pictures capture a moment when everything goes wrong. Like the panic you feel when your bag of groceries suddenly splits, sending your food cascading down the stairs.

Perfectly timed photo of food spilling

Source: steambanger/Reddit

8. Heads Up: Photographing Our Most Painful Moments

Life comes at you fast. As fast as a basketball to the face. If you’re lucky, someone will snap a picture at the exact right moment so you can remember the pain, embarrassment, and humor of the moment.

perfectly timed photo of basketball hitting faceSource: LucilleSluggers/Reddit

9. Wild Wedding: Falling For the New Couple

Weddings are always memorable affairs, but some come with crazier stories than others. You’ll never forget the guy who fell from the clouds on your wedding day, and if you are lucky somebody will have captured the moment at the perfect time. Wedding photos don’t get funnier than this.

Funny photo of man falling from sky behind married coupleSource: TheSANEG/Reddit

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