28 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

13. Where Babies Come From: Dropping Deliveries From the Stork

Maybe your parents weren’t lying when they said babies were brought to families by a stork. It’s maybe not the most efficient way to reproduce, but the baby certainly seems happy.

Funny photo of stork dropping baby

Source: Dood71/Reddit

14. Penguin Has Stopped Responding: Glitching Graphics In Real Life

If you’ve ever wondered if we live in a simulation, this perfectly timed shot would suggest that we do. Just look at that glitching penguin. Maybe there’s a tech support number we can call…

Funny photo of weird penguinSource: Karen Roe/Flickr

15. Cat Food: Eating Pets Isn’t Recommended

Every so often, real life and TV align perfectly. Like when this photographer captured the moment when a character onscreen started eating the pet cat. Thankfully, the cat was not harmed.

Funny photo of man eating catSource: screwywabbit/Reddit

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