36 People Who Were Served Up By Karma

There’s a sweet sense of justice when people get exactly what they had coming to them. It’s like even the universe is rooting against jerks, along with all of us. All of these people are going to think twice next time they try something that turns us into the eye roll emoji.

1. The girl who thought she was being so clever with bunny ears.

Reddit | Eeli100

And yet she had no idea that her own hand was betraying her! In the end, she just gave herself bunny ears.

2. The person who hit this car and took off.

Reddit | Nugkill

But left their license plate on the car that they hit! What justice is this? Pretty sure they will never hit and run again.

3. The couple that dined and dashed.

Reddit |  indasheets247

But left their really expensive sunglasses at the table. Also, dining and dashing on a $25 bill? Really? What kind of sick people do such things!

4. The person who hit this car…

Reddit | Roxchic

Runs after hitting my car in parking lot. Workers get info and call the police. She gets caught because she ran out of GAS. Received two tickets as she only had a permit.”

5. The person who tried to steal this bike.

Imgur | 33sphinx33

Little did they know they were stealing from a genius. This girl had truly the perfect plan to get her bike back. Look at her proud smile!

6. The brother who totally tried to prank his brother.

Imgur | floridali

But ended up pranking himself even more. The fact that it’s a donkey only makes it more hilarious. He just can’t win.

7. This person, who is regretting everything right now.

Reddit | xyzs

“Lava butt” is seared into my brain and I will never be able to get it out. What a rude awakening this person is in for.

8. The parking enforcer who get a parking ticket.

Reddit | elvijar007

If you live in a city where parking enforcers are basically walking panic attack-inducing humans, then this is truly a welcome sight.

9. The person who thought to put a sign pointing to where the rock slides happen.

Reddit | poolguy4208 

And the sign then being crushed by said rock slides. Whoops. It’s almost a better warning though.

10. The person who decided to obstruct the garbage truck.

Reddit | h0pfenbrei

Don’t ever mess with garbage men! They definitely showed this person up and I’m here for it. Good luck getting out of that.

11. The person who decided to give their cat a bit of its own medicine.

Reddit | hurricanekarina

Can’t help but laugh over this photo. Cats always walk across our keyboards, maybe it’s time they know what it feels like!

12. The woman who most certainly regrets her attitude.

Reddit | akpenguin

This has to be the worst feeling in the entire world for this woman, but also the best feeling for the dude. Karma, baby

13. The jerk who thought he was above it all.

Reddit | GhostalMedia

Joke’s on him! Even driving a fancy car doesn’t matter when it comes to cement. And trying to cut people off, to boot.

14. The person who thought they could park in a restricted area of the beach.

Reddit | killermonkey87

It’s restricted for a reason! Let’s all hope that this car floats because they’re going to have a hard time, that’s for sure.

15. The guys who tried to knock someone off of their kayak with their boat.

 Reddit |  Reddit

And then this happened to them. Yup, I’d say that got exactly what they had coming.

16. The guy who t-boned this car but left something important behind.

Facebook | Rex Borova

You know, like the one thing that could easily identify who he is. This is why you don’t ever hit and run, people!

17. The guy in the truck who parked like this.

Imgur | MahoRhino

And the person driving the Smart car was not going to deal with that today. Smart car person is doing the work of the people.

18. Just in case you couldn’t read the sign.

Imgur | hiddenvalley

It’s also a good way to get your motorcycle run over. Worth it.

19. The wife who thought she could stop her husband from eating her candy.

Reddit |  rpboutdoors2

But she just put the candy in the cabinet with the plates. She deserves him eating her candy if she can’t find a better hiding spot.

20. The person who did this terrible parking job.

Reddit | reedburg

And then got that on their tire. Oh man. When you park like that though, you absolutely deserve the boot. There’s no way around it.

21. Parenting done right.

Imgur | hilonate

I hope that kid learned his lesson. Being a decent human being includes not shaming or making fun of somebody trying to better themselves. This mom is awesome.

22. This is why you shouldn’t try to kick people when they are (sitting) down.

Imgur | reasonpolice

23. Look who’s having the last laugh.

Twitter | @ElSatanico

24. This meal was NOT on the house.

Imgur | Imgur

Don’t be this guy. Does anyone else want to know what restaurant manager had the guts to post something like this?

25. Was it really worth it?

Reddit | caraeeezy

26. This taxi driver plays for keeps.

Reddit | KittensRawk

Note: don’t be a terrible human and leave your taxi driver without paying. It’s stealing and you deserve whatever you have coming to you.

27. This is not the kind of bottle service you want.

Reddit | Phantom0591

28. To the roommate who used more than his fair share of toilet paper, you know who you are.

Imgur | Imgur

29. This was (re)bound to happen.

eBaum’s World | eBaum’s World

Don’t worry, I’m sure she just shook it off.

30. The person who parked their bike in a parking spot.

Reddit | throatfrog

And then said bike was promptly thrown into the bushes. Really, though. How are you going to park your bike in a full spot?

31. This is the kind of petty I aspire to be.

Swimmingly | Swimmingly

Not that I ever want to find myself in this situation but…you know.

32. Whoever thought harassing people through text messages was an okay thing to do, sure had it coming.

Imgur | Imgur

33. If Karla didn’t know that Pinky shouldn’t have been driving, she sure does now.

Imgur | Imgur

34. This person stole from Walmart and is paying the price.

Consumerist | Consumerist

35. Or this kind of petty. It doesn’t really matter to me.

dailyhaha | dailyhaha

36. I think it’s safe to say that this person will not be parking in front of any more fire hydrants from now on.


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