9+ Parents Who Shared Their Genius Hacks With Us

If you’re a parent, you might’ve had to come up with some ingenious ways to keep your kids, well, alive. Am I right?

Parents are notorious for thinking of all kinds of lifehacks on a moment’s notice. And for that, we all should be very grateful. These folks did just that and I’m happy to share all their masterful ways with all of you.

1. This Bath Time Hack

Reddit | CurlyPinkLemon

For all of you parents out there who have a young child, try using a laundry basket to keep all their toys from floating away! OMG, that’s totally genius. I never would have thought of that.

2. This Bait And Switch Trick

Imgur | ImmaTouchyThaFishyTho

How do you make your kid eat that mystery baby food? It’s easy! Just show them something they do like, like a slice of pizza then slip in the baby food on the spoon straight into their mouth, ha, ha!

3. This Moving Contraption

Imgur | mikechauhan

Babies seem to like constant movement but you can’t be there all day long bouncing them, now can you? It looks like somebody came up with a clever way for the mixer to do the work instead of them.

4. This Non-Slippery Shoes Hack

Making Cooley Stuff

Are your kids always slipping while wearing their indoor slippers? That can be so annoying. Am I right? Did you know you can make them non-slip by applying some hot glue to the bottom? Oh, yes —try it and see.

5. To Get Some Me Time

Reddit | h0ld_my_beer

This lady is pretty clever, isn’t she? I can’t believe her kids bought this excuse and let her be. You get bonus points if your kids actually know what lava is, ha, ha! This is so funny.

6. This Movie Trick

Imgur | RamonaQ

And they say some parents are evil, lol. I’m just glad that my parents never resorted to doing something like this. If they did I would be so totally confused. Maybe it’s because I grew up in eastern Europe.

7. This Book Reading Bribe

Reddit | IndecisiveFoodie

If it’s hard to get your kids to read a book, you may want to consider doing what this guy does. I know it sounds like a bribe but sometimes it’s totally worth a try.

8. This Mask-Wearing Hack

Reddit | Thea_From_Juilliard

Did you know that a kid can wear an adult-sized mask around their ponytail instead of their ears? It’s a lot easier to keep on than the kid-sized ones. Oh wow, that’s so neat. Isn’t it?

9. This Playtime Hack

Imgur | ThePlhk

I dunno where this guy got a string as long as that but I give him props for thinking of it. Talk about putting your kid on a leash. Am I right? But if it works, it works.

10. This Noisy Toy Trick

Reddit | Jonmokoko

If your kids got a noisy toy just put some tape over the speaker to cut the volume. The best part is if you use clear tape, they won’t see it and won’t know the difference.

11. This Mess-Free Fun

Imgur | Almaadin

If your kids like to doodle on your walls make sure you only allow washable markers in the house. Then, once the damage is done, all you need are baby wipes and it’s all clean again.

12. This DIY Hammock

Imgur | nickrad

They say that sleeping in a hammock is the most comfortable sleep you can ever get. And judging by this picture I think they’re right. This person did a quick DIY hammock and now their kiddo is fast asleep.

13. This Baby-Proof Hack

Reddit | sincore

Toddlers can be such nosy little ones and keeping them away from drawers can be tricky. This person used a very long yardstick and judging by the looks of it, it did the trick here.

How clever are these parents to come up with these awesome tricks to get some relief from their kids, huh?


I give them mad props for all of these. Now if only they can come up with more tricks when we need them, right?

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