Crankiest Looking Cat Is Really The Sweetest Snuggler

Judging by this cat’s face, you’ll never guess his name.

Source: Facebook|Giggles The Angry Cat

Say hello to Giggles.

The thought of a grumpy-looking tabby named Giggles might make you – well – giggle, but he is far from angry or moody at all.

Source: Facebook|Giggles The Angry Cat

“That’s just his face.”

That’s according to a resident in Akron, Ohio, who noticed the then-unnamed Giggles hanging around her house.

So, how did Giggles find his forever home?

When this good soul found Giggles, she thought he didn’t want anything to do with her. That scowl made her feel so.

But that wasn’t true.

Source: Facebook|Giggles The Angry Cat

Giggles, like any stray, just wanted to be loved and cared for.

She called Riggi Rescue to help what was once a skinny, flea-bitten stray. Their lead foster mom, Melanie Anielski, came in to check this stray cat out.

Like many of us probably would be, she was taken aback by his grumpy scowl. So much so that she had to ask if he’s nice.

Source: Facebook|Giggles The Angry Cat

Turns out, he’s the sweetest boy!

She was told:

“It doesn’t really matter if he’s happy or content – he’s never really angry. He’s just always looking at you with that scowl, and you can’t help but giggle when you look at him.”

Source: Facebook|Giggles The Angry Cat

And that’s how his name came to be.

They waited for a while for someone to claim him, thinking that maybe he just got lost. When no one did, they posted a photo of him on Facebook, hoping that someone would recognize him.

His photo went viral in an instant. Within a few days, they were flooded with adoption requests worldwide. Yep! WORLDWIDE.

That’s how much everyone loves Giggles!

And who wouldn’t love him?

With his chill and laid-back demeanor, he’s no grumpy cat at all. He also loves to sit beside you, begging for some belly rubs.

Source: Facebook|Giggles The Angry Cat

Isn’t it adorable?

After a month with a foster family, Riggi Rescue finally decided that Giggles needed a permanent home. Someone to give him unlimited cuddles and love forever.

And with his charm, picking new parents was easy. Giggles immediately knew who he wanted for his new mommy.

Source: Facebook|Giggles The Angry Cat

Anielski recalled that day in nostalgia.

“When they first met, it was an instant connection, like they had known each other forever. It was the sweetest thing to watch. He just walked right up to his new mom and started rubbing up on her legs and rolled over, and he was just immediately in love with her.”


We are pleased to announce that Giggles has found his forever home! The immediate connection between him and his new mom…

Posted by Riggi Rescue onFriday, November 13, 2020

Giggles is enjoying his new home with his cat siblings, Hobbes and Jackson.

She fondly calls their trio “The Three Amigos.” Why not? They’re the bestest friends ever and love to spend time with each other.

Source: Facebook|Giggles The Angry Cat

They play together, bathe together, and play dress-up together. (To their fur mom’s delight!)

As if to prove to everyone that first impressions never last, this grumpy-looking viral sensation enjoys some snuggles, belly scratches, and naps at home.

Giggles is also the spokes-kitty for Riggi Rescue.

The group and he, are encouraging more people to be rescuers themselves. They are also promoting the adoption of stray cats. Riggi Rescue also does TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) for stray cats in the community.

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