Mom Captures Adorable Footage Of Dog Playing With 1-Week-Old Foal

We all enjoy our share of hard-hitting drama from time to time, but sometimes, sitting back and mindlessly enjoying a wholesome slice of the internet is much needed.

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If you’re looking to relax and free your mind of whatever stress and anxiety you’ve been facing today, you’ve come to the right place.

You asked for wholesome, and there’s perhaps nothing more wholesome than animals playing together in a field full of flowers.

Meet 1-year-old Shar pei, Chino.

Source: YouTube/Djl Equestrian

The bundle of fluff is clearly still in his playful stage of life. Anything and anyone he meets on his travels is an opportunity for fun.

So when Chino met Duke, a 1-week-old foal, it was pretty much guaranteed to be a match made in heaven.

Nothing to see here – except for a fluffy puppy and tiny horse playing together.

Source: YouTube/Djl Equestrian

At first, it looks like Chino and Duke aren’t too sure what to think of one another.

They spontaneously choreograph an awkward dance, with each party stepping forward, stalling, losing nerve and stepping away.

It seems that they’re both curious about one another, though, and there’s lots of intense staring.

Source: YouTube/Djl Equestrian

Eventually, Chino sits down, and Duke plucks up the courage to come forward and give him a sniff. Imagine if that’s how humans deemed whether their fellow humans were suitable for friendship.

Chino is good as gold as Duke checks him out, before running up to the camera, as if to say, “What’s this fluffy thing in my field? Doesn’t look much like a horse to me.”

Source: YouTube/Djl Equestrian

By that point, Chino thinks he’s won Duke over, and attempts a bit of puppy play.

The pair bound around together – but then Duke bottles it!

Source: YouTube/Djl Equestrian

He races back to the safety of his mom, and we think that’s it; the moment’s well and truly over.

But while hiding behind his mom’s back, Duke manages to summon up some more courage.

He leaps forward, meeting Chino head-on… but then retreats back to his mom.

Source: YouTube/Djl Equestrian

Clearly, the pair need a bit more time to get used to each other, even if Chino, in typical puppy style, seems perfectly at ease already.

We’ve all seen videos of animals playing together, but it’s rare for inter-species bonds to develop.

Is it possible for any animals of different species to make friends, and under what conditions? According to Slate, it certainly is:

“Animals can forge bonds across species boundaries if the need for social contact pre-empts their normal biological imperatives.”

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Simply put, if an animal has an overarching desire to make friends, and this desire overrules the behaviors that they’re equipped with for survival, then yes, it can make friends with another species.

In the case of Chino and Duke, we’d say it’s a combination of friendliness and naivety – they’re both still young, after all!

Though Duke seems a little warier, Chino clearly doesn’t care at all. They say dogs are too innocent for this world, and we’d have to agree – there’s no sense of danger there whatsoever.

Source: YouTube/Djl Equestrian

Videos like this might be simple, but they’re exactly what so many of us need to see in a world of over-stimulation and stress.

Unsurprisingly, more than 850,000 people have tuned into the wholesome content of puppy and foal playing together.

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