My DIY Cardboard Skull Moodlight

I want to show you my second cardboard project.

The idea behind all this is to make some product which does not require complicated technologies to create. When I watch DIY videos, they are awesome, but when you think about what do I need to create these things, sometimes it takes too much skill or tools I don`t have. So I wanted to make something that will take the simplest skills and tools to create. The second problem was I like to model digital 3d models and wanted to make them tangible. For example, I want to make this 3d skull and hang it on the wall. But I do not want to 3d print it.

Those were the main reasons why I make my projects this way. And it is always a delightful feeling when cutting. You put all that together, and you can feel the shape with your fingers.

This project took me about 4-5 weeks. It is time-consuming, but in the end, I`m delighted and proud about the result.

More info: Etsy

Rendered project idea

Skull getting shape after cutting peaces and putting them together

All peaces aligned and glued together

After sanding down and applying varnish to make surface harder

After sanding down filler


Finished skull moodlight hanged on the wall and with installed LED lights

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