Owner Turns Empty Space Behind A Wall Into A Kitty Bedroom Complete With A TV

Pet parents are a crazy bunch. I should know something about that because I am one of them, ha, ha! I grew up with a dog I adored, and now we share a cat with our neighbor.

Needless to say, I would do a lot for my beloved pets. But this is taking it to the next level. Check it out.

A while ago, I told you about a certain kitty’s ‘pawrents’ who built a stunning room for their cat Stella.

Twitter | @CinnamonBear9

I thought she was the most¬†spoiled cat in the universe. Until now, that is. Say “hello” to Wyatt, the feline.

Wyatt’s owners adopted him a few months ago.

Unsplash | KJ Styles

And he’s settling into the family quite nicely. They happened to do some remodeling around the house and discovered extra space along the wall in their bedroom and an idea dawned on them.

The owners thought, “Why not turn this area into a tiny bedroom for the cat?”

Giphy | Demic

OMG, wow! How generous is that? Most people would just use that space for their own purpose. Instead, these folks wanted to make their pet feel more at home.

As you can guess, they did just that.

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And this is the result of their work. Look, Wyatt’s parents even made a comfy bed for him, too. It is the coziest little cat house I have ever seen, hee-hee. I love it!

Here you can see exactly how much precious space they gave up for their new furry friend.

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Aww, isn’t that the sweetest gesture or what? I would totally do this for our cat if we had this luxury of extra space.

Let’s talk about this cat house some more.

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This kitty definitely has all the comforts of living here. Yes, you see that right. Wyatt even has a TV in his room. He likes to watch birds on YouTube, by the way.

Don’t you think this is absolutely precious?

Our cat Mayu would love to have a room all to himself. However, I think he would still get lonely and want to come to visit us from time to time. I can guarantee that.

Let’s just say that people on Twitter have been going crazy about this idea.

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Even those who claim to dislike cats love it, ha, ha! This person went as far as to say their cat better not see this or else they’ll have to build him one, too.

So would you go to these lengths to make your furry friend feel more comfortable in your home?

Unsplash | Jeffrey Blum

Or is this going overboard in your book? I am fully supportive of this idea, and I would do it in a heartbeat if I could.

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