Puppies Are Being Rowdy But Mama Dog Amazingly Calms Them Down In No Time

Sometimes, kids just need a harsh word or two to set them in line.

That doesn’t mean yelling at them all the time, which actually ends up being counterintuitive. The best method of discipline is to only get serious when it actually matters.

You might think there isn’t much to learn about raising kids from a dog mom, but you’d be wrong.

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Dogs are considered some of the best moms out there. Just like us humans, their maternal instincts kick in during pregnancy, and by the time they give birth to a litter, they pretty much know what they need to do.

Of course, lots of aspects of motherhood are unfamiliar to new dog moms. It takes a bit of experience to know what to do the next time around, if there happens to be one.

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Rosalie is an experienced dog mother, having had three litters previously.

You can pretty much guarantee that, by this point, she knows everything there is to know about raising a litter of excitable puppies.

A YouTube video highlights her superior parenting skills – and it’s something we can all learn from.

Source: Sent from Heaven/ YouTube

In the video, Rosalie can be seen standing outside the gate that leads to the puppy room.

Her puppies are all incredibly excited to see her, which is cute, but also a little overwhelming. The way the puppies yap and jump against the gate is a little like how toddler kids try to demand attention from their mom, all at the same time.

Rosalie is probably looking forward to a good, long dog nap after her fourth experience as a mother.

Source: Sent from Heaven/ YouTube

Unfortunately, she’s still got the kids to deal with first!

When Rosalie is let through the gate, we get to see some seriously good parenting from her end. Her pups all have one-track minds, it seems, as the moment she comes inside, they’re headed straight to her belly for milk.

Source: Sent from Heaven/ YouTube

Rosalie isn’t having any of it, though, and the low growl in the back of her throat quickly morphs into a full-on bark.

This might seem a little cruel, but, as the video’s caption explains, Rosalie wants to teach her babies to stop drinking milk.

Source: Sent from Heaven/ YouTube

Puppies need milk from their mothers for the first eight weeks of their lives.

After that, they should be weaned off the milk, which also gives them a little more independence.

Rosalie barks at her pups until they all get the message. It’s pretty impressive – every single one of them listens to her, and the next minute, they’re all lying dutifully on the floor, watching mom.

Source: Sent from Heaven/ YouTube

It’s only when the puppies get calm that Rosalie starts taking care of them.

She approaches a couple of pups, nosing them and washing their fur. She’s got a completely different temperament now, and one pup feels brave enough to slowly approach her.

Again, this is very clever behavior, as she’s teaching them that the only way to get what they want – in this case, spending quality time with mom – is to calm their energy levels.

Source: Sent from Heaven/ YouTube

We’ve all got our opinion about tough parenting, but this dog mom shows us how it’s done.

The trick is to only get loud when there isn’t another way to get your point across. With all her excitable pups crowding around her, the quickest and most effective way for Rosalie to calm them down was to snap at them.

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