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She Had No Idea Why The Men Kept Cheering Her On

We all know that both men are women can be just as talented in sports. But some athletes have a little something extra that makes them even more exciting to watch on the field, track or court. A lot of these sports stars just happen to be beautiful women. Up next is a list of the hottest female athletes from the world’s most popular sports.


Federica Pellegrini is an Italian swimmer who has been decorated several times at Olympic and World Championship competitions, and has a few world records. Though she is an accomplished athlete, her talent is not the only reason she attracts crowds. She always seems to look beautiful even when focusing on her race. Next time you play billiards, don’t discount your female opponents. They might be as good as this hottie.



Anastasia Luppova is the whole package: drop-dead gorgeous and a successful athlete. This 32-year-old Russian was a two-time European billiards champion, and was once named Master of Sports in her home country. She now mostly works as a coach, but her devoted admirers still follow her wherever she shows up. If you’ve been to the Dominican Republic, you know it’s full of beautiful women – and their sports teams are no exception.

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