This Photographer Created A Mini Village And It Took Him 2 Years To Finish

Ognyan Stefanov is an accomplished aviation photojournalist and graduate of the prestigious National Academy for Theater and Film Art in his native town of Sofia, Bulgaria. His award-winning aerial photographs have been featured at exhibitions and appeared in numerous global publications.

Stefanov has an impressive resume of roles including an official photographer for the Bulgarian Air Force and exclusive photographer to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. He achieved as much success with his work in miniature by winning scale modeling awards in featured competitions around the world.

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Skyville is Stefanov’s first, original creation and represents a utopian village on a 1/87th scale

It’s a natural space, perched high in the sky

The city features lush gardens and jewel-toned landscapes with a community filled with homes, shops, a barn, and an apartment building.

Stefanov says: “I wanted to create a self-contained utopia where people have everything they need to live, surrounded by greenery and gardens and even a local inn offering traditional hospitality.”

Skyville is the perfect combination of cutting-edge architecture, fantasy art, and futuristic design on a small scale

Large trees surround a hilly meadow at the base

It includes rock formations and a short footbridge over a narrow stream.

A tall, winding, and jagged truss extends up to the village

A number of unique structures are interconnected by a series of multi-level paths, pulleys, stairways, and bridges that join the various areas together.

The village is highlighted by a large main house

It features a dramatic pitched roof with modern, sharp-edged tiles and irregularly shaped windows.

Colorful flower beds with extending green vines fill window boxes

They help soften the architecture while adding warmth and a sense of delight.

Each building and space is intricately designed to work together to carry the eye throughout the piece and provide a sense of discovery and wonder

Tall trees in large pots hang precariously throughout the piece and create an interesting design element while complementing Stefanov’s concept of a self-contained environment.

The interiors of each building are highly detailed

A bedroom features a dressed wrought iron bed, an ornate hanging chandelier, and potted plants with blooming flowers.

Each figure in Skyville is placed with a strategic purpose

A farmer dressed in overalls with a toolbox in hand appears in the meadow on the lower platform, heading to work.

A system of water drainage pipes meanders throughout the structure

They are crafted using photo-etched materials and designed using a number of weathering and aging techniques.

Skyville was mostly built from scratch

Crafted of wood stirrers and popsicle sticks, it took Mr. Stefanov more than 2 years to complete.

Skyville is clearly Stefanov’s masterful achievement of art, architecture, and design

A small scale and a wonderful contribution to the scale modeling and miniatures world. Mr. Stefanov may be contacted directly for purchase inquiries.

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