Wife Receives ‘Awful’ Request With Wedding Invite From Sister-In-Law

If you’ve ever dealt with a bride, or perhaps even been one yourself, then chances are you know just how…let’s say particular they can be.

Look, I’m not judging here. It’s their big day, and if they want to tear their own hair out trying to make sure everything is picture-perfect and their dream wedding goes off without a single hitch, then that’s their prerogative.

Do what you gotta do, sis.

The real problems start when the bride realizes she can only really control so much about the day herself.

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After all, the world can be an unpredictable place. So, in an effort to keep things running smoothly and picture-perfect, she decides to turn her micro-aggressions onto other people who just happen to be a part of the celebrations.

Usually, it’s the person they’re marrying who ends up bearing the brunt of the crazy.

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Whether that be a bride or groom, they’re unfortunately the easiest target for a bride’s demands, so they’re the ones who have to bend over backwards to make sure they’re doing their part to keep her happy, and the day a success.

But sometimes, in very rare, unusual cases, the bride turns to her guests to make sure her demands are met.

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You would normally think that a guest’s job is only really to dress nice, show up, and maybe even bring a gift if they can.

But as we’ll learn today, one bride expected more from her wedding’s spectators.

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And it was those demands that led to her own brother throwing her wedding invitation right into the trash can.

The man shared his story to the subreddit r/AmITheAsshole in an effort to find out whether he’d acted too harshly or not.

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In his post, he begins by explaining that the past few weeks “have been filled with drama.”

So you know this is going to be a good old spicy rant.

In two months’ time, his older sister will be walking down the aisle.


In the lead up to her big day, she’s been feeling positively stressed about the whole thing.

Unfortunately, her stress has been leeching out onto everyone around her, making them all feel the stress, too.

This week, the man and his wife received their invitation to the wedding in the mail, but there was more than just a simple invite in the envelope.

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As he recalled, “My wife noticed something else was sent along with the invitation. She came to me and handed me the envelope and she looked so upset almost crying.”

What could have been sent along that was so hurtful?

Well, as it turns out, the bride had sent her brother’s wife a “a 30-day pre-wedding diet plan.”


The man was left speechless by his sister’s invitation inclusion.

“I don’t know who’s idea this is or who made this plan but it’s awful,” he explained. “Literally the worst thing I’ve seen in a while. My sister basically wanted my wife (my wife’s pregnant btw) to lose weight by following this diet so she could look ‘fit’ at the wedding.”

As far as he was concerned, there were two big issues with his sister’s “pre-wedding diet plan”, as they pertained to his wife.

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First, she just so happens to be allergic to some of the meals the bride suggests she eat in order to look trim on her big day.

And secondly, his wife isn’t even one of the bridesmaids, so what reason could his sister have for trying to make her look a certain way?

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Of course, these are all minor details in comparison the very big, important fact that she is currently pregnant.

As he explained in his post, his sister is quite obsessed with appearances, including her own.

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Which, when you think about it, may very well explain why she would send out something like this. After all, if she’s the kind of person who is super preoccupied with appearances, it only seems fitting that she try and dictate how everyone at her wedding looks.

“My sister takes care of herself,” the man shared, adding that she “literally can’t help but look in every mirror she passes.”


“But she’s turning into a goddamn bridezilla,” he continued. “My wife and I felt offended. She cried because of this.”

Feeling outraged on behalf of his poor wife, the man decided to give his sister a call to talk about the diet plan.


Their conversation quickly turned into an argument after the sister “berated” him for objecting to the plan, and then accused him of purposefully trying to ruin her wedding day.

It was at that point that the man decided he had no other options left.

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So, he told his sister that she shouldn’t expect to see him or his wife at the ceremony because they won’t be attending, and then promptly threw the insulting invite into the garbage.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a good old family rift if mom didn’t get involved, would it?

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“My mom argued with me saying as her brother I needed to support her and be there for her,” the man recalled. “Said that I shouldn’t make this personal because everyone got a copy of this plan. Including her.”

That’s right. It wasn’t just the bride who got the diet plan — it was everyone who was invited to the wedding.

The man reminded his mom that his wife is pregnant, but that didn’t seem to change her mind about the diet plan at all.

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Nor has the fact that she herself is diabetic, but is still expected to follow a meal plan that someone else laid out.

“She said I was making a big deal out of it causing drama and refusing to go with the flow,” the man continued. “We argued for 30 mins then I hung up.”

He tried to reason with his future brother-in-law.

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After all, shouldn’t he at least have some say in his own wedding? Well, apparently not, since the groom told the man to keep him out of their family’s “shenanigans” as he’s already dealing with enough.

As it turns out, his father’s in the hospital, but the bride is apparently “refusing” to let him visit.


And in order to stop him from visiting, she is keeping him incredibly busy with their wedding planning.

So not only is she trying to control what all of her guests wear, she’s also deciding whether her future husband can visit his sick father.

At the end of the day, this entire situation has left the man feeling positively fed-up.


“My mom didn’t stop calling me saying I’m overreacting and I’m being harsh on my sister and that I hurt her feelings a lot,” he explained. “Maybe my family is insane.”

“Or maybe I was harsh on her. They called me stubborn and that I was cruel to her. I just couldn’t handle it.”

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At the end of his post, he implored the good people of Reddit to decide once and for all if he’s the real asshole in this whole situation.

The answer was a unanimous “no”.

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“You could send your sister a 30 day pre-wedding personality repair plan,” this person suggested, while someone else simply added, “Your sister has issues.”

“Yes it’s your sister’s special day but how dare she,” this person said. “Even if your wife wasn’t pregnant this would be a huge insult… That’s one wedding you need to miss.”

There were also some users who wondered how the other guests were responding to the diet plans they’d been mailed.

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“If I received such a thing with an invitation I would burn the lot and definitely not turn up,” one user shared. “Your sister sounds like a piece of work.”

Another person said, “If someone sent me a diet plan before their wedding I would NOT be ok with it.”

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“I would definitely still attend however: I’d be there to drink the open bar dry, eat more than my share of cake and move my juicy butt across the dance floor.”

Oh, but their very intense comment did not stop there.

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“Then I’d swipe a bottle of champagne and promptly smoke bomb from the Bridezilla’s life.”

Talk about a dramatic leave. I am kind of envious of this person’s imagination.

What do you think of this situation?

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How would you react to receiving such a diet plan along with a wedding invitation?

Let us know down below in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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